Two features I miss on the Galaxy S 4

Galaxy S 4 Recycled Box

Galaxy S 4 Recycled Box

Android is a very versatile Operating system capable of giving features beyond the user’s imagination.  But when they get taken away you are bound to complain, particularly if you actually used them. One of these features I miss is the copy link option when sharing from an app. You see, Android sharing is one of the most complete, you can share app data into almost all other apps available. For example if you are sharing a tweet or image you are given almost 20 share options ranging from evernote, twitter, buffer, chatON, whatsapp, skype, Bluetooth,  flipboard, e.t.c. The list is endless depending on the installed apps. Now there is this tiny option that seems to have disappeared with the Galaxy S 4, I notice even the Galaxy Note 8 it’s missing.

That’s copy to clipboardGalaxy S 4 share options

And now if I want to do what copy to clipboard did I’d have to share to another app and copy from there. Small but essential enough for my convenience.

Another very essential thing for me is image size. You see I am a writer, and with the Galaxy S 4 you have your computer. I have written numerous blog entries from the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III before the Galaxy S 4. So I know how convenient these devices can be when you are not in-front of a computer, or when you are not comfortable enough to use one, depending on the situation you are in. Now the very advantage that is high resolution images is a disadvantage for me as a data conscious user.Galaxy S 4 Camera resolution

Samsung removed the option to take 640 by 480 pixel images on the Galaxy s 4, so even sharing your shots on social media also becomes a task especially when the mobile carrier are misbehaving and availing painfully slow speeds. On previous devices, this was an option, you could set small image sizes as output and this came in handy when you needed to save some data. The images currently go up-to 5 mb in size, any mobile carrier would have their appetite whetted at that thought. When you are taking photos to later upload on a Wi-fi setup, you will really see value, but you can’t go about tweeting 3 Mb images and do this for long mow that carriers are running away from unlimited internet connections.