Samsung moves to control accessories for its devices with ID program – report

Galaxy S4 accessories
Accessories for the Galaxy S4. Such accessories may not work in future if they are not certified by Samsung under its new rumoured program

Remember that cheap battery you picked up by the roadside last time and quickly put on your Samsung branded phone and walked away whistling happily? You may never get to do that gain. Recently, we’ve been treated to raw comedy and tears from a broken heart everytime we read of a Galaxy [insert any name here] device exploding and injuring its owner or even more serious, burning their mattress and other household items. yes its been happening and Samsung is not prepared to just stand by and see that continue. Warning its customers to keep off fake accessories for their devices has not worked to their expectations and in a move meant to both protect its customer from fake accessories that may make their devices malfunction and also to boost its cash reserves, Samsung is said to be working on identification chips that will be attached to every accessory made or approved by Samsung.

The ID chips will be able to identify certified accessories so that they work as intended with the target device. Otherwise if an accessory say, a flip cover for a phone or a docking station, is not detected as having been certified then it won’t work as the user would have wanted or may no even be recognized by the device at all.

Though the reports are unverified and originate from Korean media, with Samsung growing bigger and bigger and having its devices in many hands, it makes sense to want to control the accessories for those devices. Apart from protecting the users from using fake accessories, the company stands to reap big financially. However, this may not go down well with users who love being able to decide what it is they want to do with their devices including the accessories.

The Galaxy Note 3 is said to be the first device being tested with the new ID chips and other Samsung devices could follow suit.


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  1. Thin ice, there is so much at stake, its like Twitter and Facebook do with their API when someone does something better than them.

    Atleast it makes sense for batteries, not beyond.

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