Screenshot of Tizen running complete with an app store surfaces


Here it is



As you can note, this could as well be any Samsung Android device with the TouchWiz overlay that had its screenshot taken and carefully edited to get all application icons having the rounded look of Tizen apps. Save for the Tizen Store app, we have seen these apps, albeit without the circular shape before. Also the status bar has a few tweaks but remains largely what we know from current Samsung devices. Oh and the messaging app icon here looks much better on traditional TouchWiz.

Far fetched or real? You be the judge though it is very far from that Galaxy S4 running Tizen 3.0 that was leaked not long ago. Before you take that pinch of salt that you normally take when reading tech rumours, you could as well dismiss this but then again it comes from a Twitter account that is dedicated to Samsung news and stuff so sit in between and enjoy the ride.


This is indeed Tizen. The newly reworked Tizen interface was on display through demo units at the Samsung Developer Conference. More details coming.

Via: Twitter

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