Galaxy Gear firmware update rolling out to more countries, updates include notifications support for all apps


Galaxy gear

Previously, Galaxy Gear users could only get direct notifications from Samsung apps and just other few apps that Samsung had added support for. Starting a few hours ago, that is not the case. Samsung is pushing an update (v1.5.111304) to the Gear Manager application so that users can now be able to get full notifications on their smartwatch without having to go back to their Galaxy Note 3 or other compatible Galaxy device to see the same. Previously, notifications for non-supported apps would result in a vague notification urging you to check your smartphone.

On the firmware front, Samsung is pushing a big update (compared to the first ones the Gear received immediately upon launch). The update hit the UK (V700XXUAMJ8) several days ago. I have just seen the update for two countries: Russia (V700XXUAMK7) and Netherlands (V700XXUAMK7 – same as RU) pushed in the last few hours and the same should be the case for other countries going forward so those whining souls in the forums can now have a break.

The question on everyone’s mind is whether Samsung will enable the Galaxy Gear to work with just about any other high end Android smartphone outside of its Galaxy line as is the case with the Pebble smartwatch or we’ll have to wait for Galaxy Gear 2 to see the same happen. Either way, its a tough sell since the Gear ties-in to Samsung’s proprietary apps like S-Voice and there’s no way these will work on non-Samsung devices. Then again, Samsung is in a position of influence with well over 100 million Galaxy devices sold so targeting its own users is likely something they are more focused on than any others.


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