Samsung’s TV App WatchON gets a new look and features, allows you to view Programme Info

Samsung WatchOn 2014

Samsung WatchOn 2014Even with Google assumably telling Samsung to drop replicating Google services, they are indeed working to better the services they provide that Google doesn’t offer. These are the differentiators between what each OEM offers and in return gives each an edge.

Now the guys over at Sammobile has stumbled on these screenshots that could very possibly be what will come to the Galaxy S 5 come March in London (atleast that’s what seems strongly possible, the date and location).

Samsung WatchON

Samsung WatchON was a feature introduced by Samsung with the Galaxy S 4, an app that utilised the Infra Red Blaster on the Galaxy S 4 and other premium devices that came after. Recently there was a leak of Samsung S Voice that had some flat look (insert an ‘apple did it first’ reminder here). Beyond the UI change, the general features are mostly the same save for added functionality that adds ability to fetch more information about shows you are going to watch.

Me-thinks this will be awesome, I always look forward to what the info button on PayTV offers and of this could go on and into my mobile device the better. Now this is naturally expected to show up on the Galaxy S 5 (good things come to the next flagship).