Samsung Has A Power Sharing Cable That Works On Galaxy Phones Alone

Samsung Power Sharing Cable

Samsung Power Sharing Cable Let’s say you have a Samsung Gear smartwatch, and it run out of charge, but there is no power source around, neither do you have a power bank at your disposal. You’re screwed, right? You know, those vibrate notifications on your arm will have to wait till the second coming of a power source. Worry not.

Because Samsung has come up with a power sharing cable that will get you extract battery juice from your smartphone and into the watch. (I know, these are 2014 problems, who thought they would need to be charging a watch?). Now how this works is that the power sharing cable has both ends as microUSB, so they fit into the USB slots of the two devices.

You will need to download a power sharing app from the Google Play Store and onto your Galaxy smartphone. From within the app you will be able to choose the amount of juice you want to share. Now this is the interesting bit, the cable, though using an app listed on Google Play Store (as opposed to Samsung Apps Store) will only work with Galaxy devices like Galaxy S5, Galaxy Tab 10.5, Galaxy Tab S 8.4, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Avant and Galaxy Note 4. Basically the new big boys.

Why would you need to extract battery juice from a phone to a Galaxy Smartwatch which has such an umpressive battery life, comfortably giving you 2-3 days of battery life? You ask. Well, devices with that good battery life are the easiest to forget charging, so this is bound to happen in the middle of the third day of battery time. As you will have noted by now, this is not a for-everyone-product, just for those with the listed devices. What do you think of it?

Via: Sammyhub