Facebook adds a Doodling Editing Option on Photos

Facebook image editor doodle

Facebook image editor doodle

Adding a comment overlay on a picture is not news. Many dedicated photo editors allow you to doodle over images using your own handwriting in different colours. Although late to the party, Facebook has finally rolled out that option to its mobile apps by adding a doodle option as part of the photo imaging options.

To add a doodle on your picture, choose a picture from your gallery, hit the edit button that is shown at the bottom left then you are ushered into the editing options in which doodle is the last option. There is a colour picker at the extreme right that goes from top to bottom where you choose the doodle’s colour. If you make a mistake while jotting down the doodle, fret not there is a reset and undo button below the picture that allows you to undo or remove the doodle altogether.

Facebook recently updated the web app with basic photo editing capabilities like crop, filters, text and stickers that previously were available on the mobile apps. The doodling option has been on Facebook Messenger for a while now and this latest moves can be seen as the company trying to unify the experience between the web and mobile platforms. Photos are a huge part of the Facebook ecosystem. As of 2014, almost 1.2 billion photos are shared on Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram which shows how important it is for the company to make it easy for users to edit photos they upload.

To check out the new update, check out for the latest update on the Android or iOS Facebook apps

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