For your Listening Pleasure: The Techweez Holiday Playlist


We here at Techweez have been rambling on and on about music streaming services. Apple Music, Spotify, MixRadio and Pandora. We unanimously settled on Spotify as our office favorite and even created our first official playlist for your listening pleasure. The 1 hour 40 minutes playlist includes everything from Alright by Kendrick Lamar to Red Lights by Tiesto to some African Vibrations’ Hinde to Stitches by Shawn Mendes. Spotify is available in select countries and some of you (if not most) may be locked out so we were graceful enough to do the heavy lifting for you earlier on so you can see how you can go around that here.

Being that time of the Holiday where all you want to do is kick it, we created another Playlist for the Holiday season. The playlist has a little bit of everything, Hugh Masekela for your Jazz, Selena Gomez for your Pop, Galantis for EDM lovers and Fetty Wap on the HipHop front. We even added some Dancehall with Major Lazer in there. This time the playlist is short with 18 songs set to last you 1 Hour 1o minutes. Here for your listening pleasure is the Techweez Holiday Playlist.