Google is displaying Search results that have black hyperlinks and people don’t like it




We have grown accustomed to what Google has presented to us in Search results: A white background with with the colourful Google logo and a text bar where you can input your query. When you jot down your question, it loads the page with search results where the hyperlinks are usually in blue, the actual link is in green and the text is usually in black. It seems Google wants to change all that with a radical change which has been spotted by people on Twitter.

If you go to the Google Search Help Forum, people logged in to contribute to this matter where some  tried to clear their history or resetting to default settings to no avail. However, others were able to go back to the traditional blue hyperlinks when they logged off or going in incognito mode on Chrome.

Humans naturally are not accustomed to change and immediately condemned Google for the change where they wanted the blue hyperlinks back. It looks rather weird to be honest where the search results page has this monochrome hue that is dull and unappealing which is unlike what we have seen from the company. Last year, Google changed its logo where it gave it more spunk by using a different font style and a host of other changes.

Google's logo

We are yet to see the test being deployed in this part of the world and it won’t be shocking if they decide to roll it out if deemed fit. We have seen Instagram roll out a test black and white theme to some users (even me) which looks frankly odd but I’ve gotten used to it.