StarTimes Introduces Four New Channels, Opens up Premium Content to all Subscribers



The local pay television has been heating up in recent times amidst intensified competition between providers as well as the rise of online content provider channels. Multichoice’s DSTV announced just yesterday it will allow users to select their own channels. It has also recently lowered the prices of its various offerings owing to disruption from players such as StarTimes. StarTimes, on the other hand, has been keen to increase its content focusing mostly on Sports, as it seeks to unsettle the major player in this slot.

In March this year, StarTimes announced the securing of exclusive rights in Sub-Saharan Africa for Chinese Super League for three seasons 2016 and 2017 and 2018. There was also the announcement in 2015 of the increasing of Sports channels to 8 including Fox Sports, NBA TV HD as well as Sports Focus, a 24 hour Sports news channel. In addition, the company acquired exclusive rights for two years to broadcast the International World Rally Championships, the World Boxing Titles and Germany football league, the Bundesliga.

StarTimes has today announced the introduction of four new entertainment channels on its platform. The four channels include National Geographic Wild, National Geographic channel, Fox Life and Star Bollywood Africa. The National Geographic channels feature content on the natural world with a focus on adventure, exploration and wild animals. Fox Life will focus on local and international drama, telenovela and reality shows while Star Bollywood Africa will focus on Indian movies and television drama with English subtitles.

The company has also announced plans to open up its premium content to all subscribers on free-to-air, terrestrial and satellite pay television from the 12th to 20th November. Some of the premium content on offer to subscribers includes IDX, World Football, ST Movies, Sports Premium and ST Series E1.