Facebook Blocked Prisma From Their Live Video API



Most social networks generally offer the same features and their goal is to come up with a feature that will make sure their user base continues to engage fully. A company like Facebook is grappled with this eventuality and that is why they are always coming up with new products.

Prisma is a company that had a breakthrough this year thanks to their clever app that applies filters on photos by using AI. They also later on extended the same functionality to video for it to be shared to various platforms.

Well there is a problem. Facebook had announced a similar feature where people will be able to create filtered videos, just like the ones being offered by Prisma. This has apparently led Facebook to cut Prisma off from their Live Video platform.

According to TechCrunch, this is what Facebook told Prisma:

Your app streams video from a mobile camera which can already be done through the Facebook App. The Live Video API is meant to let people publish live video content from other sources such as professional cameras, multi-camera setups, games or screencasts.

Smartphone cameras are of course allowed to stream videos using the Live Video API as well as adding special effects on the video as shown in the FAQs. However, this move can be seen as a move by Facebook to make sure that people won’t use the Live Video filters that were previewed earlier on.

About the issue with Facebook, Prisma’s Aram Airapetyan said the following statement to Techcrunch: “We were trying to fix the issue but Facebook has a strong policy, they only let broadcasts to different cameras, drones. Our app is no drone or camera. So this means we cannot do it.” They are not discouraged from being blocked by Facebook as he was quoted as saying that Prisma still has “big plans for live.”

Prisma could be a big threat to Facebook plans. The company said that they have been able to get over 70 million active users who can now process these photos on their smartphones and the move to videos is the next frontier in their niche.