Nigerians On Twitter Are Pissed That A Reality TV Show About Them Is Being Shot Elsewhere

via Twitter

Twitter is usually used by people as a second screen while watching something on TV and it is a good place to gauge the sentiments about a show.

This time round the focus is on Nigeria and it is about the reality TV show Big Brother. Big Brother is one reality TV show that has been popular in the continent and BB Nigeria is based on that. The new season that premiered 2 days ago was a second iteration of the original Big Brother Nigeria (that premiered 11 years ago) and was relaunched as Big Brother Naija.

Although it has a local feel to it, there is a problem Nigerians immediately noticed about it. The show is clearly targeted for the Nigerian market but it was not shot in Nigeria, but in South Africa, like the traditional Big Brother shows. It is not a surprise that South Africa is hosting the show as they seem to attract filmmakers to the country as compared to other African countries due to their policies.

This decision did not sit well with Nigerians and they went on Twitter to voice out their concerns about it.

“If it is called Big Brother Nigeria, why is it done in South Africa?” this guy asked

Is it because SA is the US of Africa?

This was ridiculous!

It doesn’t make sense!

He was ashamed about the whole situation

This guy was wondering what they do in Nigeria


But some made fun of the situation where they compared it with the Nigerian President not being in the country.

This guy was wondering about the above reply

This lady decidd to have an economic angle to it