Facebook App Threatens Dedicated 360° Cameras Niche With New Feature

No need for 360 degree cameras now


facebook 360 degree photo mobile apps

Most photos that we take with our dedicated cameras or smartphones capture a view of upto 180 degrees, and that is very wide in some cases. However, 360 degree photos and videos are more immersive since you are able to pan around the media and see everything around a particular subject.

That is why Facebook has been keen to add 360 degree media support on its app over time and this next feature takes it to a new level.

According to Engadget, Facebook mobile apps will now be able to capture 360 degree photos, which negates the need to have a third party app. You will see a 360 Photo option at the top of your News Feed. When you tap on the blue button, just follow the path on the screen (like in panoramas) so as to make your 360 degree photo.

You can share these 360 degree photos on your News Feed or upload them on albums. Regular editing options on these photos are available, like tagging your friends, zooming on them or using them as epic Cover Photos.

This feature adds on to the other 360 degree focused features that you can enjoy on Facebook, like 360 degree video and photos. Since now you will be able to create 360 degree photos in-app, there would be no need to get a dedicated 360 degree camera for such shots.

Facebook will roll out this feature to all users, so if you don’t have the feature right now, they will pop up soon enough. The feature will be available to Facebook users with the iOS and Android app.

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