Social Media Erupts as Tiger Woods Wins Masters Golf Tournament

tiger woods masters win social media

People use social media as a second screen when they are watching stuff on TV like sports. They use it to check the sentiments of others online or comment on their own about what is happening on TV.

This is why social media is such a great place to see the emotions from people when they watch sports for example. Yesterday, Tiger Woods, the renowned former golf champion for many years won the Masters, which is a major golf tournament and Twitter was lit with reactions from people and celebrities alike.

This was Tiger Woods first major title win since 2008 and his fifth Masters win in total. Since Tiger Woods has always been known as a dominant player before his fall in 2009. His triumphant victory in the Masters is one people like where a former champion gets their grove back and dominate like they never left.

Celebrities and regular people alike commented about this win and it was all congratulations and admiration.

President Trump congratulated Tiger Woods

Tennis champion, Serena Williams was emotional about Tiger Woods win

Long time Tiger Woods rival, Phil Mickelson congratulated Tiger Woods too

Obama too congratulated Tiger Woods.

Nike never left Tiger Woods and they published this video of him in his honour


Comeback bigger than setback

The atmosphere must have been exhilarating 

Best thing to happen in a long time

Impossible is nothing

Well…he said it. No one doubts it

Others started calculating how much he won this day from the Masters tournament. Wow

Well, Tiger Woods has the kind of clout people would kill for in his area and these reactions clearly show it.