This Guy Created a Bot that Ordered Items That Were Recommended by Twitter


Twitter is a simple microblogging platform that was meant for people to share their thoughts of the day.

However, time and time again we find that people find new and exciting ways of using the platform. This goes beyond the usual sharing of opinions for likes and retweets.

It is not uncommon to see people creating bots that use the Twitter platform to do a bunch of interesting things. We have seen the EmojiMashupBot that creates unlikely emojis, Quoted Replies that allows you to see quoted replies of a tweet and other bots to download videos on Twitter.

Well, this guy decided to take the Twitter bot experience to another level and it was for a pretty mundane thing: To decorate his house.

Michael Reeves created a bot that would order items from Amazon that would be used to decorate his house. This is way more fun than asking friends to help him decorate his room and his plan was exceedingly interesting.

This is how it works. People replied to his tweet with an Amazon link of a product. The bot will find the most liked tweet, purchase it automatically and send the product to his house without him knowing what it bot. This bot did this every 15 minutes for 24 hours.

He had some restrictions on the bot. It wouldn’t buy the same item twice and there was an initial $25 limit on every purchase (later raised to $90) so that it wouldn’t blow his bank account.

Well, as you know Twitter is wild and this led to a lot of weird items being suggested by people to buy.

From the thread, the bot ended up purchasing a Bible, wolf leopard printed underwear, Chia Pet Bob Ross decorative planter, a BTS boys poster, The Communist Manifesto, Logitech webcam (most logical purchase so far) and a whole load of merchandise with the famous K-Pop boy band, BTS. People suggested weird things but I believe this is the weirdest.

The bot was shut down a few ours ago and it was indeed an interesting social experiment. Never allow Twitter people to suggest items for you or else you’ll be sorry.