How Tech is Delivering Worldwide Sports Betting

Sports betting

Technology advancements have allowed many industries to grow far bigger than they ever expected they would. One of those is the betting industry, one that has worldwide appeal in every corner of the globe.

Bookmakers can offer their services to players in many parts of the world, while also being able to offer betting on events in those places too.

The service we see now is all available to us thanks to technological advancements, which have been dominating the latest tech news for over a decade now.

Whether you are in Africa or wanting to bet on events taking place in the country, thanks to advancements in technology that have brought us all closer together, this is now accessible.

The Creation of Mobile Betting Apps

The biggest bookmakers in the world have all been racing to create the biggest and best mobile app. Many of them have one of these available now, so players can compare them and choose where to bet.

Information is out there, so if you want to compare William Hill vs Betfair and look at their mobile betting service you can do that.

As the big bookmakers have moved forward to create betting apps for their customers, the smaller bookmakers have had no choice but to follow them. What this has done is raise the overall standard of the betting industry.

Those who don’t have access to a computer can place a bet via a mobile phone, something the majority of people in the world have access to.

This is great for places like Africa, where a lot of mobile phones exist but not everyone has a computer to use. With a mobile app, these people can get exactly the same service as someone else with a computer in another part of the world.

Technology Used to Offer Live Betting

Live betting has changed the sports betting world and assuming it grows like expected over the coming years, it really could push sports betting to heights we have never seen before.

Live betting allows you to place bets during play, so you don’t have to commit your money before kick off. As things stand, many sports and leagues are covered, with main football leagues like the Premier League having every game of their season covered.

Technology comes into play here because this is used by the bookmakers to get feeds from stadiums so they know what is happening. They know when goals are scored, when big incidents happen and that means they know when to change betting odds or suspend them all together.

This could be from all parts of the world. For example, a game from the NFL in America, with a feed going to a bookmaker based in the UK to change the odds and a gambler logging on to bet in Africa.

When you look at it like this, you can see just how powerful the technology is to keep this chain going.

Expansion of Betting Events

Coverage from the bookmakers has never been as strong as we are seeing now. It doesn’t matter where your bookmaker is, they have the ability to offer sports betting on leagues from anywhere.

With more ability to watch games than ever before, bookmakers can have their odds compilers covering many different leagues, ones that have been inaccessible in the past.

Again this is down to technology, the ability to watch games from all over the world means that bookmakers can offer odds on them. This is worth their time, because punters can watch the same games, which means they will want to bet on them.

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