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FTC Cautions Facebook, WhatsApp on User Privacy

WhatsApp's main pull to IM users has been the promise of privacy. Ahead of the close of its deal with Facebook, both companies have...

“Taking Selfies” Now Considered a Mental Disorder

The act of taking a "selfie" is now considered a mental disorder. "Selfitis" according to the American Psychiatric Association (APA) is the obsessive compulsive desire...

How Social Networking Sites and Web Browsers would look as Human Characters

Now imagine with me for a second that all the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare et al had a...

Facebook’s Virtual Insanity, Taking Virtual Reality Beyond Gaming through $2 Billion Investment in Oculus VR

Facebook's investment into Instagram and WhatsApp was in an area where the company already has experience, messaging. Much as the company's interest in Oculus...

Telegram Messenger app now has 35 million users

Since Facebook splashed $19 billion in cash and stock options to get Whastapp under its wings, it has been a blessing in disguise for...
Facebook Deep Learning Face Verification

Facebook’s Deep Learning Face Verification AI Performs As Good As Humans

Facebook's Artificial Intelligence team is using deep learning to create a software that will perform facial verification. DeepFace can identify whether unfamiliar faces in...

Not Yet Whatsapp: Facebook Blocked from the $19 Billion Whatsapp Deal

Privacy Lawyers in the US have asked the US trade regulator, Federal Trade Commission, to halt Facebook $19 billion acquisition of Whatsapp. Filing the...

Facebook Messenger comes to Windows Phone

Back at MWC, there were two announcements that of interest now that messaging apps are the in-thing after Facebook splashed $19 billion in cash...

Nokia, Facebook pilot SocialEDU Project in Rwanda

Facebook pilot SocialEDU is designed to bring education to Rwandese students through the internet. Nokia will supply hardware to be used in the project...
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Here’s Why Facebook Paid $19 Billion for Whatsapp

By now you have heard the silly joke: Why should Facebook sink in $19 Billion for WhatsApp when it can be downloaded for free?...
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What Options Does WhatsApp Have Looking Ahead?

Facebook made history on Wednesday 19th February 2014 acquiring WhatsApp for $16 billion in what is seen as one of the most expensive tech...

Facebook Acquires WhatsApp for $19 Billion

  Facebook has announced that it has reached a definitive agreement to acquire WhatsApp, a rapidly growing cross-platform mobile messaging company, for a total of...

A ‘Sympathize’ Button May Soon Be Coming to Facebook

Many features on Facebook - Facebook Chat, friend suggestions, Timeline profile pages - have been created at the company's hackathons. At one such event,...

Google, Microsoft, Facebook Partner for Internet Bug Bounty Program

The Internet Bug Bounty born of a partnership involving Google, Microsoft and Facebook. The program will offer cash prizes to anyone who is willing...

Blackberry’s long list of potential buyers

Blackberry Ltd is up for sale through an auction. The Blackberry board put up the "for sale" signs sometime back and the beleaguered company has...
htc first

Facebook working with Samsung after HTC First fail

HTC First is not selling as well as the guys over at Facebook would love it to, and it's their baby, just like the...

Government Cracks Down on Hate Speech in the Social Media

Three Facebook page administrators are being sought by the government for engaging in hate speech. Administrators of Nyanza si Kenya, Luo Nation and RIP...

Georgia Student Breaks Into Home to use Facebook

CBS Atlanta this week reported that an 18-year-old girl broke into a home located in Athens, Georgia to use the internet. The girl was...

Web Newcomers in Developing Countries get First Taste of Internet Through Facebook and Google

Facebook and Google are determined to give Internet newcomers the first tastes of the Web. In a bid to bring cost-effective internet access to...
Who has seen your post groups

Facebook extends “who’s seen this” to groups

If you use Facebook you might have noticed that there was a feature introduced some time ago that allowed you to tell whether someone...

Enterprise Collaboration Platforms going social Vs. IT Security and Privacy

Enterprise collaboration platforms are having a hard time meeting workers’ new expectations for how they share information with colleagues. Consumers today can share specific information...

Google unveil a social platform Google+

The king of Internet search Engines Google has launched its Social platform Google+ on 28 June 2011.  Quoted from a blog Google's senior vice...
Facebook spam tags

Spam alert!! Facebook is autotagging on images

Seems facebook users never learn when warned about spam. You see a new link that promises you heaven and you will click it almost...
Black facebook image background

Two ways to avoid the facebook black image holder

If you are like me you are probably bored by the high res image on facebook photos. This happens when you click an image...
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Facebook closure, what would it mean?

Stories have been going on about a possible closure of facebook in mid March. Well, am not verifiying that as there is no formal...
facebook unsubscribe

Some facebook changes to marvel at

Facebook has made some noticeable changes to its usability of late. First and foremost, earlier today i noticed an unsubscribe text link while i was commenting...
facebook changes

Changes to facebook profiles and pages

Facebook is announcing through their Developer's Blog that they will be changing how your profile or fan page looks like. They intend to simplify...
facebook gifts is closing

Facebook is closing Gift shop from August

Now this is bad timing, my birthday is on september and facebook has announced via a blog post that they are closing facebook...
facebook page preview

Facebook- view a profile snapshot

Facebook has introduced a sleek and easy way to preview a friend's profile on mouse-over.On mouse-over is a javascript code that allows you to...
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What is &rsaquo?

Have you experienced something like &rsaquo? Well, so have the millions of facebook users worldwide. This is appearing on facebook walls when one writes...

Wanna add fb-like to your blogger based blog?

This is how you do it without messing yourself up with long processes. 1. Login to your Blogger Account and go to Layout > Edit...