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Twitter Opens Up Analytics Platform to Public

Twitter's analytics platform has been opened up to the public. It is now possible to access in-depth data on brands and people you follow...

Associated Press Twitter Account Hacked, false report of Explosions at White House

Shock & surprise met the Twitter community as the official Twitter account of the Associated Press was hacked. The reason behind this being, the account...

Twitter To Introduce Targeted Ads

Twitter has unveiled a tool for marketers to generate targeted messages. These ads will be based on users' tweets. According to eMarketer, advertising on...

Looks like Twitter is experimenting local Trends for Kenya

Twitter is turning 7 years old today and we are getting twitter moment highlights on the timeline today. Moments range from the first tweet...
Burger King twitter Hacked

Burger King twitter account hacked for over an hour

The last two hours must be the toughest for Burger King Social Media, and PR handlers. The @burgerKing twitter account was accessed and hilarious...

Twitter to implement Two Factor Authentication

You might have received those DMs on twitter  “..Someone is saying nasty things about you, click http://g.ly/ghut9k for details. Well that might be stopping soon...

Triple Play: Instagram, Twitter and YouTube Android Apps Get Feature-rich Updates

There’s an app for that is a common sentence you’re obviously used to hearing all day long if you hang around people with smartphones...

Medium – a new Publishing Tool unveiled by Twitter co-founders

Evan Williams and Biz Stone, better known for being the creators of Twitter, have been working on a new publishing tool. Medium is a...
Nightingale apartments

#KOTxmas Nominate a Friend

It’s a #KOTxmas. End this year in style by winning a fabulous night for two at the @NightingaleMSA apartments for keeping it online all this days.
twitter stream

Twitter adds tweetbox to reply right from a user’s profile

I dont know if anyone else has seen this feature I just stumbled on, but I thought it to be a random feature that...

Google unveil a social platform Google+

The king of Internet search Engines Google has launched its Social platform Google+ on 28 June 2011.  Quoted from a blog Google's senior vice...
twitter safety

How to increase your safety on twitter

We have witnessed an increased number of security breakdowns involving twitter where several people have even completely lost the access to their twitter accounts....

Twitter gets the follow button for websites

Twitter now has their official follow button for websites. An easy to place script that displays the normal twitter button but this one is...
Samuel Wanjiru

Samuel Wanjiru death news spreading like wildfire on social media

Samuel Wanjiru, an Olympic Marathon Champion has been embroiled in a case involving threatening to kill his wife after a family disagreement some while...
Sarah Bradbury

Twitter etiquette redefined, or a case of going too far?

I happened to be on twitter when a certain tweep by the name Sarah Bradbury decided to equate Kenyans to some low form. This...
twitpic tweetbutton

Twitpic added a tweetbutton

Are you a tweet freak. Love to share alot, and are also a tweep?(Tweep is the twitter vocab definition of a twitter account user)...
twitter follow

How to get followers on twitter without any software

Currently there are so many solutions online on how-to's of twitter. Most of them being how to get zillions of followers, promising instant results....
twitter friend suggestion, twitter, friend suggestion

Twitter introduces friend suggestions

Twitter has from end of july introduced friend suggestions, to make you able to know and follow more friends in your timeline. If you...
twitter fail

Wont twitter find a lasting solution?

If everyone feels the way i do when you are twitting up then you see the fail whale, then people feel so bad. Fail...

Will twitter stay up during the world cup?

Following a recent twitter outage that was presumed by some to have been caused by Dutch elections, there has been speculation as to whether...
twitter down

twitter is down again

Social media giant twitter is down with a message Twitter is over capacity. Too many tweets! Please wait a moment and try again. Guess its time they...

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