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Even Carriers are Encouraging their Employees to Shun Blackberry for Windows Phone

It is one thing to make a corporate decision to switch the devices you use internally and it is another when you make that...
HTC 8x

Microsoft wants HTC to Dual-boot Windows Phone and Android on its Devices

There is nothing wrong with looking across the fence and being overly ambitious but I think someone is really determined. Microsoft has been in...
Nokia World Abu Dhabi

Screenshots from Nokia’s Lumia 1520 and Lumia 2520 Devices Leak

In case you had forgotten, Nokia’s 22nd October "Innovation Reinvented" event is still on course and as expected more and more leaks are coming...

Unified App Store for Windows and Windows Phone Maybe on the way

It is what happens on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Apps for all devices (tablets and smartphones) are available on the same...
Nokia Lumia 720

6 Nokia Devices to be Announced on October 22nd

Invites to the October 22nd "Innovation Reinvented" Nokia event in Abu Dhabi are already in and there is a lot of anticipation for new...

Growth: Windows Phone Grosses 9 Million Transactions Daily

Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is the de facto third force as far as mobile platforms go and is continuing to show more and more...
Lumia Amber Update

Nokia Lumia Amber Update coming to East Africa this week

The Amber Update that promises to improve the overall experience for the Lumia user is already rolling out in several markets in the world....

Android and Windows phone Marketshare increases while Apple and Blackberry Drop

In the battle of the mobile phone operating systems, Apple seems to be on the losing end, even while meeting Wall Street expectations in...
LG Optimus 7 Press

After steering clear of Redmond, LG reportedly going back the Windows Phone way

  LG has for the longest time stayed away from Windows Phone and decided to concentrate on Android for their smartphone agenda. Building Windows phone devices...

Microsoft Retrieves Lumia 920 After Screenshots of Windows Phone Blue Surface on the Internet

On Saturday, leaked screenshots of Windows Phone 8.1 developer build surfaced on the internet. New features spotted on the prototype Windows Phone include the...
Youtube Logo

Microsoft and Google to create Youtube App with Windows Phone app ads

Remember the feud between Google and Microsoft over the YouTube app that Microsoft build and pushed into Windows phone? Well Google fussed, including asking Microsoft to...
Android to windows

Microsoft working on “Switch to Windows phone” app for Android

Microsoft is alleged to be working on an app to assist newbies in Windows phone who move from Android get an almost similar experience...
Nokia Lumia 510

Nokia intros Windows phone in East Africa, starting with Lumia 510

For those among us who have waited with bated breath for Nokia to finally introduce Windows phone in East Africa, you can now release...
Bada vs Windows phone

Bada OS did better than Windows phone in Q3 sales- Gartner

This third quarter Gartner Report on Mobile phones has a story it's telling on how the market-share is like. And quite noticeable is the scale that...
Windows phone 8 launch

How to follow Windows Phone 8 launch live

Windows phone 8 is launching in San Francisco, US in about two hours from now, and it will be a big event. Mobile enthusiasts...

Alcatel One touch comes wearing WP7

 Images of a new windows phone from Alcatel have been released via Instagram. It is referred to as  "One Touch with WP" and it’s...
Windows Phone 8 Apollo

So Windows Phone 8 is for current windows phone devices afterall

This could potentially change the future of Windows phone. Just stumbled on some news that Windows 8, the one we know as Apollo could...

Windows Intune brings in “Bring Your Own Device strategy”.

 Microsoft has of lately acknowledge its best interests to offer third party devices which in its priority includes Apple iOS based devices and Google...
Nokia Bing maps branding

Nokia to Brand Bing maps regardless of device in use

In an exclusive interview with Pocket-lint.com, Nokia CEO boss said that there was an agreement with Microsoft to barter bets. The interview according to...
windows phone 7 mango

Windows phone mango rolling out in the next week or two

You can stop flashing your devices with leaked OSes if you use windows phones. Reason is it has been confirmed that from the next...
Nokia WP7

Nokia windows phone leak, and its not Sea Ray

Nokia is full of surprises, from announcing an amazing meego device they didnt want to talk about to making the same phone into the...

Windows Phone Applications Developer at cross road

Recently i have been in a war of thoughts in terms of Windows Phones application development. I have been trying to catch up with the...
Windows phone

Could the Nokia N9 be the prototype for windows phone? [updated]

Nokia Boss had announced earlier that they are going to release a Market disrupting device very soon. Well that could be interpreted in very...