Must have Mobile Apps for 2013


Mobile apps are changing the way companies bring products and information to consumers. Billions of cell phone users rely more and more on these apps to help them find navigation, to socially and professionally network with individuals, to find sales and so much more. And with new apps coming out all the time it can be good to know what is out right now that might interest you.

Top Apps for College Students

Young people like college aged individuals will certainly be among the number one app users. Technology is second nature to them and they can use apps to help them with school now.

  • StudyBlue- It is a free app that accesses online flash cards to help you study various subjects.
  • Evernote- It is another no cost app that is all about organization. You can take notes, do voice recordings, and create lists.
  • GoodReader- It runs under $5 and is a “super-robust” PDF reader that allows you to share or copy files a number of different ways.

Professional Apps for the Business Person

LSI analysts believe that storage will grow 35% a year for the next several years so they have developed software that accelerates storage and networking that will make a huge difference in app usage for professional men and women. Some apps they may use in 2013:

  • Expensify- It is a syncable app that tracks and records spending and purchasing while on business trips and then helps to neatly organize it so you can minimize paperwork and effort.
  • Cisco WebEx: Virtual Meeting- This allows you to have a full on business meeting with graphs, notes, or anything else anytime, and anyplace you want as long as you have your iPhone.
  • Scanner Pro: Portable Scanner- This app allows you to scan documents and to digitally file them away for later use, or whatever you may need.

Top 2013 Apps for Moms

Busy moms have discovered how much apps can help them with their daily schedule. A few top apps for moms this year will likely be:

  • Mom’s Daily Planner- It is an ‘all-in-one’ organizer that has shopping lists, to-do lists, calendar, budget, chores, and iCloud synchronization abilities.
  • Real Food Moms- This is food recommendations for moms looking for healthy, convenient choices their whole family will like.
  • Kincast- This app allows you to easily, but privately share videos and pictures of your kids with family and friends.

Number One Apps for Fun and Entertainment

Apps are certainly available to help you organize and communicate better. But there are plenty of apps that are great for just relaxing or passing the time.

  • Temple Run 2- It is an updated version of the popular first version. It has better graphics, more powerups, new obstacles and so much more.
  • Split Pic- Camera app that lets you clone yourself, swap body parts, you can make yourself a ghost, and so on.
  • Pinterest- This is the app form of the popular website where people can share snapshots of information and ideas with others.
  • Lumosity Brain Trainer- This has more recently become popular for people wanting to keep their mind sharp with fun and engaging exercises.

Apps really have changed how people go about their days. With information and entertainment so easily at their fingertips, apps help us make better use of our time and information. Whether it is finding health and fitness apps to keep you on track, or something fun to do while you decompress, apps have made cell phone usage much more integrated into daily living.