Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active Shows up in a shade of Blue

Galaxy S 4 Active Teal

Galaxy S 4 Active Teal
Samsung Galaxy S 4 was bound to come in several iterations, one of them being the smaller screen Galaxy S 4 mini that was recently announced.

The other is Samsung Galaxy S 4 Zoom which has not been seen as yet anywhere in the web, the fourth one being the hardy, waterproof Galaxy S 4 Active.

This one has since showed up previously in full attire, the black version.

That is a full press render complete with all angles. The buttons on the front are all popped out like they have on the Galaxy Xcover, maybe to respond well while in water.

A few hours ago, this blue version got leaked thanks to the guys over at EV leaks.

The colour is actually Teal, but in here we are all men, so Blue passes. And it does look nice. We have some 18 days before we find out whether this is one of the Galaxy devices to be launched in London.