Purported Samsung Galaxy Alpha photos show up, not fully metallic


We’ve heard a lot about Samsung making a smartphone that has a full metal casing that will herald a new category of super premium Samsung Galaxy devices. That device definitely is not the Galaxy S5 Prime which just launched the other day as the Galaxy S5 LTE Advance. Neither will it be the Galaxy Note 4 which is expected to appeal to the ever growing phablet fanbase, a category Samsung pioneered and has been successful in so far. It will be something else. How different? Perhaps these images published today by Samsung products fansite Sammobile will give us a clue if its sources are spot on:

The Galaxy Alpha is said to sport a 4.7 inch display (by comparison, the Galaxy S5 has a 5.1 inch display) and unlike what earlier rumours had prepared us for, it won’t have metal all over, just the edges. In short, Samsung will be replacing the current chromium finish of its high end Galaxy devices with a choice metallic frame like say Aluminium while the back plate will retain the Galaxy S5’s iconic perforated back.

While these leaked images purported to be of the Galaxy S5 alpha tell us little about the device itself, it should not be lost on anyone that we are hearing everyday about Apple bumping up the display size of its upcoming iPhone 6 from the current 4 inch on the iPhone 5s to around 4.7 inch. If that is the case and the Galaxy Alpha indeed exists, then the Alpha will likely go head to head with Apple’s latest and greatest. Whichever is the case, Samsung needs another high end device if it is to maintain its profit margins in mobile to complement its other efforts in the low end and midrange segments of the market. Recent reports show that the iPhone 5s, a device that is almost a year old, is outselling the Galaxy S5, a device that is a few months old in the market.

Worth noting is that the above images are a stark contrast to what @evleaks had “leaked” not long ago on what was purported to be the Galaxy Alpha.


Via Sammobile