Perks of being Mark Zuckerberg is having a Yellow Facebook app

Zuckerberg yellow Facebook app

The Facebook App is very conspicuous in terms of visual design and choice of colour pallette, but when you take a peep on its founder’s version of the app, it is not what you are used to currently.

The Facebook app you download from the various app stores are not the only ones you can actually download. There is a beta version which is usually has experimental features so that the people using it can report any bugs before it is made final. However, Mark Zuckerberg seems to have a different Facebook app preinstalled .

The app Zuckerberg uses was accidentally revealed by Mark himself as he was formally launching Live Video to everyone to the world. As you know, Facebook is taking the product quite seriously and this was shown by Mark endorsing the product in a Live Video broadcast.

Zuckerberg yellow Facebook app

At the 6 minute mark, he pulled out his iPhone in a demonstration to his viewers how you launch Live Video. The interesting part is where he specifically points out that the Facebook app he is using is a yellow one which is an internal build. He then goes on to demonstrate the dedicated Live Video search we covered earlier and then goes to the other way you can start a Live Video on the status update.

The other interesting update on Zuckerberg’s Facebook version is on the status update. Unlike what we are used to with our normal app, the various options on the status update are way more colourful.

facebook status update side by side

We could probably get this update in the far future as we are yet to get the Live Video update that was released a while ago.