Infinix Zero 4: Here’s What You’re Getting



Infinix is unveiling its latest flagship smartphone, the successor to the Zero 3 we had earlier in the year.

The Infinix Zero 3 combined both a premium design and a better camera than Infinix had ever put on any of its devices up to that point. The Zero 4 is set to continue that tradition and even take things a notch higher.

Jumia has the Infinix Zero 4 as one of its Black Friday star attractions and the e-commerce platform will exclusively have the device for the next two weeks before it hits the open market. For those who are willing to part with Kshs 18,500 to get Infinix’s latest and greatest, here’s what they will be getting:

1. Two models

Infinix Zero 4 is the name one can use to refer to the family of devices that Infinix is unveiling this month. Specifically, it also refers to one of the models. This is because there are actually two Infinix Zero 4s, the Zero 4 itself and a bigger sibling, the Zero 4 Plus, just like we anticipated.

As is always the case, the two do differ in several aspects like hardware specifications and the size but the overall design and software enhancements will remain the same.

While you can immediately head over to Jumia and place an order for the Infinix Zero at the above-stated price, you cannot really do that for the other model, the Zero 4 Plus. The device is not expected in the market until after another week and we do not have pricing details yet.

2. Metal design

The Infinix Zero 4 has an all-Aluminium body that is complemented on the front by the 2.5D glass.

3. New colour options

The Infinix Zero 4 comes in a variety of colours new to the Infinix brand. These include Filbert Brown, Barbie Pink, Silver Purple and Galaxy Blue.

4. Camera

The cameras on the Infinix Zero 4 are the standout feature. Just like in the Zero 3, Infinix is sticking with 20.7 megapixels for the main camera on the larger Zero 4 Plus and a 13-megapixel sensor on the front. The Zero 4 itself makes do with a 16-megapixel sensor at the back and an 8-megapixel shooter on the front.

The cameras on both devices benefit from 6-lens optical image stabilisation (OIS) and hybrid focus (a fusion of Laser-Assisted focus and Phase-Detection Auto-Focus.

For those who know their cameras and would appreciate an extensive manual shooting mode, that is now possible with Pro Mode version 2.1 which comes with the Infinix Zero 4. Metering modes, inspired by clock dials, are added on top of what has been there previously like ISO, white balance and the like.

Instead of the standard digital zoom, Infinix has opted for its own Sharper Zoom technology in order to produce high-quality images with up to 4x zoom.

The selfie cameras can take wide-angle selfies and stitch up more through the Pan0-Selfie feature which allows users to take wider selfies.

5. More Sound

The Infinix Zero 3 was never the best sounding device. Infinix aims to change that with the Zero 4 which gets a new power amplifier and a 3-way speaker system.

6. Smart functionality

The Infinix Zero 4 arrives running Android 6.0 Marshmallow with Infinix’s own customizations in place as well. Some of the more notable ones which bring newer functions previously not available on Infinix devices include the ability to wake up the device using voice commands (a feature exclusive to the Zero 4 Plus), the ability to set up two Facebook and WhatsApp accounts on the same device in order to separate one’s work and home setups as well as the ability to capture extended screenshots i.e. more than the screen one is on.

7. Fast fingerprint sensor

The Infinix Zero series finally boasts of a fingerprint sensor thanks to its inclusion in the Zero 4. It is located at the back and should be very fast as it takes only 0.4 seconds to unlock the device using it. It can also be used for other tasks like receiving calls, take photos or browse through the image gallery by swiping left and right on the fingerprint scanner. It can also be preset to quick start any application(s) the user desires.

8. Fast-charging

Infinix has had fast-charging on its devices for a while now. Dubbed X-charge, fast-charging is enabled and supported on the Infinix Zero 4 when using the bundled charger and USB cable. Talking about USB, the company has not made the jump to USB Type-C yet and users will be getting the all-too-familiar microUSB port for charging and data transfer.

9. Lots of options for accessories

These include a lens kit and a smart cover which will be available for purchase alongside the Infinix Zero 4.