These Are the New Features Shipping with Telegram 5.8 for Android and iOS


Telegram is a very popular messaging app courtesy of the numerous features it continually ships with each update and the privacy controls it packs that lack in rival apps such as WhatsApp. Telegram 5.8 will bring these features:

Ability to add any user to contacts using the People Nearby feature

This will come in handy when you’re in a social gathering and meet new people – it will now be easier to add them even if their phone numbers are not visible. They won’t have to call to share their contact details.

Do this by going to the Contacts section and select “Add People Nearby”. The other person you’re adding should also tap on this feature to pop up.

Create Local Group

This feature lets you create location-based groups. You’ll follow the same steps but now select the “Create a Local Group” option. You’ll be asked to add to name the group, give it a picture and confirm the location.

Transfer Ownership

You’ll also be able to transfer ownership of groups and channels by granting full rights to another admin.

Enhanced Notification Exceptions

You can now toggle message previews for specific chats you add in Notifications and sounds settings. You will also be able to use Search and ‘Delete All’ tools in Notification Exceptions.

Other specific features to the iOS app

  • The Telegram app for iOS brings Siri Shortcuts that allow users to open chats with people by using Siri.
  • The Appearance setting has also be revamped to make it easier to for theme previews before applying them.

How do I get the update

These features are available to Telegram 5.8 – Head to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and update the Telegram app.



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