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Gregg Eliott

This Canadian Guy Could Go To Jail for Disagreeing with Feminists on Twitter

One Gregory Alan Elliot is battling in court in an unusual yet a-would- be common case of him against some comments he made...

This Social Media Experiment Clearly Shows People are Loonies

Social media is a study every other time and interesting things pop up every day. It's use projects several aspects about humans that...
Nasa Pluto

NASA Effectively Used Social Media to Hype New Horizon’s Epic Voyage to Pluto

NASA’s New Horizons, the spacecraft launched by NASA for an expedition to Pluto has finally sent the closest photo ever taken by...
Kenyatta vine

President Uhuru Kenyatta Finally outs his first Vine

President Uhuru Kenyatta has released his first Vine post where he speaks only 9 words “A country that epitomizes the transformational power of possibility”....

Periscope To Fight Crime? This Indian Police Commisioner Envisions it

Bengaluru (Bangalore) is a large city in India with a huge population (8.5 million inhabitants) and the city’s police commissioner, MN Reddi is...

Kickstarter Campaign Aims to Fund a Feminist Colouring Book

One Seattle based writer, Ijeoma Oluo has started a Kickstarter campaign where she aimed to fund her project “Badass Feminist Colouring Book” for...

Kenya Government will Ramp up its Social Media Presence

This is timely news on Social Media Day where the Senior Director for Digital Media for the government, Mr Dennis Itumbi elaborated...

Key Insights From the Social Media Snapshot held On Social Media Day Kenya

Today is Social Media Day, the 6th iteration of its kind started by the popular website Mashable that seeks to celebrate the continuous evolution...

Google Photos Has This Embarrasing Facial Recognition Error

Announced and rolled out shortly after their developer conference - Google I/O 15 - Google Photos is a backup service by the software giant...

Social Media Use in Kenya; 5 Ways Things Have Changed

Tomorrow is Social Media day, which was started by Mashable back in 2010 where they said it was "to celebrate and highlight the ways...
Chelsea's mom

Stacy’s Mom Song Parodied for Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign

Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign has been heavily leveraging on social media to convince more voters to rally behind her for the top seat in...

This is What Pay-week Looks Like in GIFs

I absolutely love GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format images). GIFs are what videos look like when they haven't had breakfast, but they are OK the...
power of make-up

The Power of Make-up: Women Get Bold And Show The Other Side

There is a trending hashtag on Instagram and Twitter (#PowerofMakeup) where women are uploading selfies where one half is their “natural selves” while the...

8 Reasons to Fully Engage Potential Customers Online

According to a report by SDL, the average attention span of a consumer has dropped from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to...
Facebook vs Youtube

Facebook is Breathing Down YouTube’s Neck in the Online Video Space

According to a research done by Ampere analysis, Facebook is poised to become a serious threat to YouTube in the area of...

Facebook’s new facial recognition algorithm is creepy on several levels

Normal facial recognition software that we have embedded in our phones for unlocking or in apps like Facebook need to recognize our faces...
snapchat advertising

Snapchat Introduces an Avant Garde Approach to Advertising on its Platform

Vertical-Video-Views: This is the three pronged advertising strategy Snapchat is introducing via a video posted on the company's official YouTube account, starring Evan Spiegel...
Judy Mozes

Wife of Israeli Interior Minister Posts Racist Tweet About Obama

It seems people don't know how a single tweet can cause bad publicity, but in another case of careless use of social media, Judy...
heinz porn

Expired QR Code Linking to a Porn Site Embarrasses Heinz

A guy from Germany got a rude shock when he scanned the QR of a Heinz Ketchup bottle, only to find out that the...
Whive Logo

5 Kenyan Social Networks That Never Took Off Or Were Dead On Arrival

Starting a startup or an app that offer services that require engagement of the masses seems like all the rage right now, but in...
Google Trends

Google Trends Gets Realtime Reporting; Features Not Available in Kenya Yet

Google has updated its trends homepage with a new design and real time tracking which will help journalists, researchers or social media managers track...

Twitter has added a new “hashflag” for Ramadan

The Islamic holy month of Ramadhan is to officially start on June 18th and Twitter , through their official account for Middle East and North...

Pinterest’s New Search Can Now Identify Verified Accounts

Pinterest has been on a roll this past one month and in its latest update, they are rolling out a new search that will...
What is Snapchat

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel Explains Snapchat In A Really Low Resolution Video

You'd expect that with such huge resources available to him Evan Spiegel, Snapchat CEO would do a proper shoot to explain features of his app....
Fred Matiang'i Social Media Report

Matiang’i Proposes Creation of an Ethical Framework For Kenyan Bloggers

This evening, Dr Fred Matiangi, the Cabinet Secretary for ICT proposed the creation for an ethical structure which will govern the Kenyan blogosphere. This...
Reddit Videos

20 hilarious short videos shared on a Reddit thread

Two days ago, a Reddit user going by username AptNinja asked "What's your favorite video that is 10 seconds or less?" and that query generated...

Twitter’s DM Should Be A Separate App

Twitter is known for its renowned "140 character " limit on tweets and Direct Messages. Well in a release statement for Twitter developers, starting...

Twitter Is On The Lookout For A New CEO As Dick Costolo Steps Down

Twitter announced that their current CEO, Dick Costolo will step down from the position and and interim one will be appointed as of...
Social media user

Be Careful What You Post on Social Media: Teen Fired for Complaining About New Job

Jobs are not easy to come by even in the land of the American dream. And when they come by, in our very connected...

Reddit Cracks The Whip On Groups Over Harassment

Reddit announced a change on their site that will prevent harassment on the site, but also protect free expression and sharing of ideas on...

How The World Responds To Christopher Lee Demise On Social Media

Christopher Lee, the famous British actor who is known for film roles as Saruman the White in Lord of the Rings died on...
Twitter Block list

Twitter Has Now Taken Blocking to a Whole New Level

Twitter yesterday night announced shared block lists, a feature that is designed to help users share block lists on the site. Initially, you had...

5 Features Top On My Instagram Wishlist

Instagram is one of my favourite social media platforms and there are some features i'd like to see being developed for the platform, which...
#konurtala #þöggun #outloud

Fighting Sexual Violence, A Profile Picture At A Time

A Social media campaign that begun in Iceland is quickly gaining traction and support globally. The campaign aims at tackling the silence and stigma...

Five Social Media Users In Iran Arrested For “Online Illegal Activities”

Iran authorities arrested five social media users on security charges, in the latest incident about the country's censorship policies. According to the Judiciary Spokesman, Gholamhossein...

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