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Yulin dogs

Online Backlash Of A Dog Eating Festival Is Growing

You may be wondering what Yulin is, well we got you. Yulin is a city in South Eastern China which has a beautiful natural...
Twitter Conversations

Twitter Has Made Conversations Easier To Follow

If you've been a regular Twitter user, there have been times when a certain tweet generates a storm of replies and you can easily...
youtube kenya

These are the top 25 YouTube channels in Kenya

When people think of watching videos online, they tend to login to gravitate towards one site: YouTube. YouTube is Google's video sharing website and...
Social Media

Brijal Rawal Loses Rapid Communications Job After Disparaging Facebook Comments

Yesterday we wrote a story of how a Rapid Communications Limited manager started an outrage on Facebook and subsequently Twitter, over racist comments she posted...

You Will Now Be Able To Send Your Location On Messenger Separately

Facebook will start rolling out a way of  sending a map on Messenger of your location as a separate message. With this update, you'll...

US Airforce Used Social Media To Destroy ISIS Headquarters

The terror group ISIS has been known to use social media to showcase their heinous crimes and for recruitment but in an interesting...

Rapid Communications Brijal Rawal’s Racist Remarks Spark Outrage On Social Media [UPDATED]

Sometimes social media reveals its ugly side, and you'd think an issue like racism would be a thing of the past in these times....
Natter Social Network

Natter Is A Ridiculous Social Network You Probably Won’t Care About

4th December 2014 was the day I was introduced to Natter, a new social media app where users only use three words, yes...
Social media user

Social media users own an average 5.54 accounts each

 According to a research done by  Global Web Index in 2014, it was found that on average, internet users have 5.54 social media accounts and...
Mike Sonko Obama

Exif Data Shows Purported Mike Sonko Call From Barack Obama Most Probably Fake

Once in a while we get treated to theatrics by individuals in the quest for being famous and being talked about. Former Nairobi Senator,...
safaricom watch

Roundup: Best 2015 April Fools Day Pranks So Far

Its April fools day. The interwebs have given the day a new lease of life with some uber hilarious pranks. Google was on the...
Twitter Bots

Safaricom Acknowledges That Bots “Had Won Prizes” On Online Promotions

This is not strange, it's quite normal considering what's at stake and something that was bound to happen anyway. Individuals using bots on several...
Russia medvedev

Twitter Account For Russian Prime Minister Hacked, Declares He’s Moving To Freelance Photography

Russia Prime Minister Medvedev's Twitter account was hacked Thursday and the infiltrators declared that he had lost interest in the job. The hackers posted...
William Ruto

Kenya Vice President’s Twitter Account Hacked; Reveals Personal Phone Number

Kenya's Deputy President's Twitter account has been compromised by the Anonymous group of hackers. This seems to be a co-ordinated job with a Kenyan...

Here’s how to follow the 2014 FIFA World Cup on Social Media

The World Cup is upon us! Yes, when we simply say World Cup you know which one we mean. Not the Athletics World Cup...

Twitter Brings Out Photo-tagging, More Pictures Per Tweet

Photo-tagging can now be found on Twitter, allowing users to tag up to 10 people on the same image. Along with this, users on...

Sina Weibo, Alibaba File for US Stock Listing

Most of the internet services termed revolutionary in the free world are blocked in the Middle Kingdom. As the Chinese Communist Party would have...

Twitter Accidentally Triggers Mass Password Reset

At least 1% of Twitter users were locked out of their accounts yesterday after an unintentional password reset. Some of these users got emails...

Zimbabwean Teenager Locked Up After Posting ‘Mugabe is Dead’ on Facebook

Gumisai Manduwa was charged and detained for 2 nights after he allgedly insulted Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe over the social media. Mugabe has long...

A ‘Sympathize’ Button May Soon Be Coming to Facebook

Many features on Facebook - Facebook Chat, friend suggestions, Timeline profile pages - have been created at the company's hackathons. At one such event,...

Oracle, equipping Kenya for Big Data, Cloud and Social

Oracle, ICT, Big Data, Cloud, Social
customer service

How Businesses Use Tech to Improve Customer Relations

No business can be a success without good customer relations. Several features make a great business. One is to have a good understanding of...

Government Cracks Down on Hate Speech in the Social Media

Three Facebook page administrators are being sought by the government for engaging in hate speech. Administrators of Nyanza si Kenya, Luo Nation and RIP...

Georgia Student Breaks Into Home to use Facebook

CBS Atlanta this week reported that an 18-year-old girl broke into a home located in Athens, Georgia to use the internet. The girl was...

Triple Play: Instagram, Twitter and YouTube Android Apps Get Feature-rich Updates

There’s an app for that is a common sentence you’re obviously used to hearing all day long if you hang around people with smartphones...

Oracle Unveils Social Relationship Management Suite at Oracle Open World

A new integrated enterprise service called Social Relationship Management (SRM) Suite was added this week to Oracle Corporation array of services. The service will...
Logo for Track all 2012

African laughter launches PRPro

African laughter launched  PRPro which is a mobile application that runs on Android, Blackberry and iOS. PRPro is a reputation monitor on social media...

What is your cloud provider transparency?

There are some components that make the cloud. They include SaaS, AaS PaS, Storage As a service and these days I here unconfirmed forgotten...
Who has seen your post groups

Facebook extends “who’s seen this” to groups

If you use Facebook you might have noticed that there was a feature introduced some time ago that allowed you to tell whether someone...
blogging is like sex

See why blogging is like sex [INFOGRAPIC]

Just stumbled upon this infographic by Gen Y Medium, and I must admit the title made me go through the image faster than I...
Google Plus redesign

Google plus gets new look moves chat right, adds trending box

I have been spending more of my time on Google plus of late, trying to savour the goodness of Google's social network not from...

How To Use Pinterest To Market Your Business Website?

Pinterest is the new social media platform in the block. It has become viral for many users and being used by various  businesses. However...

Apple iPhone 4S Siri Ruby hack Plugin

“Siri” Apple iPhone 4S app which can only be used commercially only in Canada and USA is under hack. It has been hacked using one...

The coming of WordPress 3.3

What could you have thought about the next Wordpress release version? Wordpress 3.3 is due to be released on 29th 2011. It has awesome features...

Enterprise Collaboration Platforms going social Vs. IT Security and Privacy

Enterprise collaboration platforms are having a hard time meeting workers’ new expectations for how they share information with colleagues. Consumers today can share specific information...

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