Medium – a new Publishing Tool unveiled by Twitter co-founders


Evan Williams and Biz Stone, better known for being the creators of Twitter, have been working on a new publishing tool. Medium is a new publishing platform that was launched on Tuesday. It is based on the experiences that Ev and Biz have had over the past 13 years. This includes their creation of Blogger in 1999. The platform is being released by The Obvious Corporation which was a parent to Twitter at one time and has been involved in projects such as Karma, Branch, Lift, Beyond and Neighborland.

The new tool does not have limitations on the content one intends to share. It is created to allow people to publish without necessarily being a blogger. Medium takes text and photos submitted by its users and makes a collections that can be added to by other people. The posts are listed by user rating with the highest rated post being at the top.

Anyone with a Twitter account can view and provide feedback on Medium but posting is reserved only to a few invited people. For preview these collections have been made available:

via cnet