No more passwords for your Android device


Data is precious and its security is even much more important. Keeping it safe is another impediment and not an interesting task that we like paying much attention to. Well, you might not need to set up or remember any more passwords for your android powered device courtesy of a roll out of  the  OAuth 2.0 by Google play. According to the Android developers blog, “OAuth offers strong security with no passwords!”. This service is compatible with devices running 2.2 or later versions of Android and you must also have Google play installed.Developers can acquaint themselves on how to enable this feature in their apps by visiting the Android developers blog

Developers who implement OAuth 2.0 shall  enable their apps to validate your device via  your Google account. This shall obviously  improve the user experience since entering passwords on a smart phone has been an annoying requisite.

This sounds great as an improvement on the user experience but, what if the device falls into the wrong hands? It would be wise to have a lock screen protection or an anti theft app installed.