UK Judge in Apple vs Samsung ruling hired later by Samsung

Samsung Apple Judge Robin Jacob

Samsung Apple Judge Robin Jacob

Remember that ruling in the UK in a case between Samsung and Apple that let to a ruling requesting Apple to apologize publicly on the website homepage? The message was supposed to indicate that they Apple confirm that Samsung did not copy design of the iPad. Well FossPatents says that the same judge has since been hired by Samsung as an expert in another dispute. See below, the message in the letter:

“Enclosed for filing please find Protective Order Subscriptions for experts Coleman Bazelon, Ph. D, Philip Green, Thomas D. Vander Veen, Ph. D, Iain Sharp, Michael Allan Martin Davies, Denis Mazeaud, Albert A. Petrick, Keith R. Ugone, Ph.D, and Sir Robin Jacob working on behalf of Respondents Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Samsung Electronics America, Inc., and Samsung Telecommunications America LLC in the above-referenced investigation.”

Source: Foss Patents