Huawei First Chinese Company To Score Interbrand Top 100 Most Valuable Brands, Beats Nokia

Huawei Headquarters

Huawei HeadquartersHuawei is edging in on the top brands and successful companies. Sometime back they clinched top 3 among smartphones vendors after Samsung and Apple. Now they clinch another fete as a brand. They are now the first Chinese brand to hit the top 100 most valuable brands globally by Interbrand Global Rankings. The company is at position 94 just slightly ahead of Nokia which is at position 98. Among technology companies, Huawei is at position 11 after Facebook.

Among the tech companies, Apple leads, Google is 2nd, Microsoft 3rd, Samsung 4th, Intel 5th, Cisco 6th, Oracle 7th, HP 8th, SAP 9th and Facebook 10th. Adobe, Huawei and Nokia close the other three of tech companies that make the cut of top 100 global brands.

Below is the list showing position and value respectively for each of the 13 companies:

  1. Apple -Position 1, $118,863m
  2. Google – Position 2, $107, 439m
  3. Microsoft – Position 5, $61,154m
  4. Samsung – Position 7, $45,462m
  5. Intel – Position 12, $34,153m
  6. Cisco – Position 14, $30,936m
  7. Oracle – Positoon 16, $25,980m
  8. HP – Position 17, $23,758m
  9. SAP – Position 25, $17,340m
  10. Facebook – Position 29, $14, 349m
  11. Adobe – Position 77, $5,333m
  12. Huawei – Position 94, $4,313m
  13. Nokia – Position 98, $4,138m

Interesting points here are that Apple went on to lead the pack with a 21% increase in value. Facebook was the top riser with an 86% increase in value and worth, Nokia had the biggest drop with -44% change and HP and Intel also recorded a drop by -8%. Samsung and Google recorded the same increase by 15%.

Samsung is still the leading Asian company to make the cut and has for the longest time been alone in that position, it’s now that Huawei comes in to join Samsung among the only to Asian companies in the top 10 tech brands. Samsung also remains as the most valuable Asian brand with Toyota as the other company making the cut at position 8.


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