This Chrome Extension Makes Sure No Game of Thrones Spoilers Make it to Your Social Media Feeds


game of thrones

It’s Monday. For the last six weeks, this has meant only one thing: Game of Thrones trending any time of the day depending on the time zone people are in when the show airs or for the millions of pirates out there, how soon they can illegally download it, watch and come to massage their itchy fingers on the timeline. The end result? #GameofThrones or Jon Snow or something that happened in the previous night’s episode trending and as such, spoilers, spoilers and more spoilers.

While most of us expected it to happen, if you did not watch the show live or immediately after it aired, chances are that you found out that Jon Snow had died at the end of last season and then come back to life in the second episode of the current season thanks to Melisandre’s magic through social media. As they say on those social media streets, avoid social media on Sunday and Monday because the internet is dark and full of spoilers.

Thanks to a new Chrome extension that blacks out any mention of Game of Thrones, you may not need to resort to extreme measures just to maintain the suspense until such a time when you are in a position to catch up with the latest from the seven kingdoms.

Game of Spoils, according to its description on the Chrome Web Store, “Detects and blacks out any posts on Facebook or Reddit, tweets on Twitter, or stories on Google News that mention Game of Thrones or many other GoT-related terms, such as ‘Winterfell’ or ‘Targaryen’.”

There you have it! Thank me later.