Yahoo Finance Tweeted A Racist Slur Which Twitter Turned Into A Hilarious Trend

yahoo finance twitter typo
Via @namenzie on Twitter


Today is definitely a nightmare for the people who run the Yahoo Finance Twitter.

The true nightmare for a social media manager is making a typo on a brand’s account but in Yahoo’s case, this went a step further. Yahoo Finance posted a tweet that included a racist slur which they quickly deleted. However, that did not stop people from screenshotting the mess that it was.

From the tweet, it seems like they wanted to say “bigger” but they ended up tweeting the racial slur. Yahoo Finance quickly deleted the tweet and issued an apology where they acknowledged the “spelling error.”

However, in Typical Twitter fashion, this was turned into a trending topic where people tweeted the various scenarios African Americans would be in if they had their own Navy.

You’ll get this if you know this song

New York people and Timberlands

People still came up with more names for the warship

What you doing in this part of the ocean

How true is this!

This is savage and they had to use the famous conceited meme

Perfect name for the ship thanks to the meme

Right there straight from culture

When they call for Air Support

Rachel Dolezal had to be featured somehow

When you try to question the mechanic aboard the ship

Its like Call of Duty…

When the sailors start talking about their war stories

Typical Black mums

When it is time to go back to the ship

Well someone will have a long day over there at Yahoo.