Twitter Imagines Game Of Thrones Characters In US Politics


game of thrones twitter

game of thrones twitter

We are now in the time where a new season famous TV show, Game of Thrones is now airing and this means that people will be posting spoilers and other opinions about the show on social networks.

Twitter is one of those networks you see people posting what they are watching on TV. Since it is Game of Thrones season, the network has been awash with tweets since the premiere of the new season yesterday.

There is a strong politics theme in Game of Thrones and this means it was inevitable people would start making inferences between the various characters in the show and real life politics.

One Matthew decided to start a tweetstorm where he compared Game of Thrones characters to political events that have happened in the United States, especially regarding Donald Trump and Russia. It ended up people comparing the various key characters that have starred in Game of Thrones all of the years and linking them to the current political status in the US, where you can see the subtle jabs at the idiosyncrasies of the political figures in the United States.

Started by comparing Jon Snow, Boltons and White Walkers, where the latter are the “Russians”

Then he went along to describe Cersei *cough* White House *cough

Poor Renly Baratheon

The comparison event went on to include Danaerys where she is alluded to have a Trump like message

She has the best dragons. The biggest dragons. Tremendous dragons

Very Trump like

I demand to see Jon Snow’s certificate

A huge wall. The best wall. Tremendous wall

But Cersei would say they are fake ravens

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