Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Has The Best Camera on an Android Phone – DxOMark

It has tied with the iPhone 8 Plus in the rankings

galaxy note 8 camera DxOMark
via Samsung

If you are conversant with what happens in the camera world, you may have come across the infamous DxOMark camera ratings. DxOMark usually test camera sensors and lenses and give them a score which are ranked so that you can judge how good a camera or a lens is.

Since most of the cameras nowadays people use are found on their phones, it has become necessary to test them to know how good they are. Most flagship smartphones are equipped with the best cameras the manufacturers they can find and it is interesting to see how they perform.

Last month, DxOMark crowned the iPhone 8 Plus as having the best smartphone camera to date, but we knew that would be contested since they had not tested the Galaxy Note 8 or the new Pixel that is being launched today.

Well, DxOMark revealed their findings when they tested the Galaxy Note 8 cameras and they found out it ties with the iPhone 8 Plus as the best you can find in smartphones currently.

The Galaxy Note 8 tied the score with the iPhone 8 Plus with a score of 94, which is way ahead of the score on its sibling, the Galaxy S8 (88). DxOMark found out that the Note 8 is the current leader when it comes to stills thanks to its good noise reduction, excellent zoom quality, fast and accurate autofocus and good detail preservation.

When it comes to video, it lags behind the likes of the Google Pixel, HTC U11 and iPhone 8 Plus in the scoring chart. However, it is still excellent in terms of video when it comes to its fast autofocus, good noise reduction, colour and white balance rendering.

Since the Galaxy Note 8 has a second telephoto camera, you may be curious about its zoom capabilities. DxOMark found out that it has excellent results while using the 2x optical zoom and “impressive” resolution on traditional digital zooms at x4 and even at x8. However, the bokeh (blurred background effect) was good most of the time and sometimes you can see the errors it makes when you view the portrait up close.

This results were expected since the Galaxy Note 8 has really specs on paper for its camera hardware: Primary 12MP sensor paired with a 26mm f/1.7 lens and a telephoto 12MP sensor with a 52mm f/2/4 lens, dual OIS and the fast dual pixel autofocus. Well you bet the camera is good since this phone does not come cheap.


  1. Well, that was short-lived. The title now belongs to the new Google Pixels, with a higher DxOMark point rank of 98.

    The rear single shooter is so good, Google were apparently confident that they didn’t need a dual camera setup to battle it out. Makes you think, are dual cameras really worth the expense then?

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