This Website That Trolls Trump Was Born From a Typo

website trolls trump from typo

Social networking sites are popular for various reasons and sometimes one of the reason is that you find gems from time to time thanks to actions by some people.

This case lightened the mood of a pretty serious tweet that got an annex reaction from a typo, which made the case that Twitter should not give us editing tools yet.

Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, tweeted this statement which was targeting the current US President, Donald Trump.

We have seen this before on Twitter: When you put a period between words on your tweet, Twitter recognizes it as a link. In Rudy Giuliani’s case, the G-20.ln is obviously a typo and it registers as a link. However, someone bought the domain and set up a website which displayed this notice.

screenshot of the website

Well, that escalated quickly.

Of course people noticed this Easter egg of sorts and commended the action by the unnamed perpetrator.

That link is genius 

Its brilliant.

Respect to the owner of the domain

People actually thought Rudy did it


This has to be one of the smartest trolls that I’ve seen so far on Twitter and we’ll have to see whether that Rudy tweet or the website will be deleted in the future.