DStv Explora Ultra Announced, Supports Streaming Apps and 4K

DStv Explora Ultra

In early June 2020, MultiChoice revealed that it would launch a new Explora decoder that supports streaming apps such as the likes of Netflix and Prime Video. The announcement was seen as a move to work with streaming apps in a market that continues to lean on such apps – bearing in mind that they are cheaper and offer more value (if you are not a sports person).

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The day is here, following the release of a new Explora personal video recorder (PVR) decoder.

The Ultra decoder is capable of streaming content up to 4K. It should be noted that this is a key development because does not offer any content in 4K (even its VOD app Showmax is capped at 720p).

4K content will be delivered by third-party apps, namely Netflix, Showmax, and Prime Video, et al.

However, MultiChoice has not explicitly which parties it is going to work with, although our educated guess tells us that the mentioned apps will be packaged.

The ability of the decoder to install apps means that it is Wi-Fi capable. This will be handy to legacy customers who have always wanted to access streaming services using a DStv box.

DStv says that the Ultra decoder supports Dolby Atmos (you need to have a system that outputs Dolby Atmos signals).

A new remote has also been thrown in.

All customers that have a monthly subscription can use this new box.

In addition, subscription to third party apps, say Netflix, will be done with such providers.

Of course, the existing Explora decoder will not be discontinued but will be sold at a reduced price.

Installation hasn’t changed: just unplug the Explora model and plug in the new Ultra model using a provided HDMI cable. A satellite dish and smart LNB are also needed as before.

Pricing and availability are yet to be announced.