Stories, the ephemeral feature first introduced by Snapchat then made popular by Instagram, will be coming to Signal.

The privacy-focused messaging app is the latest app to bring the Stories feature to its platform.

This feature lets you post photos and videos that live on the platform for 24 hours.

Stories is now available on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Spotify. Twitter Fleets and LinkedIn Stories got shut down last year.

Signal is using the same format for Stories on its app and users will have the option of either Public Story or Private Story(Instagram Close Friends).

Like the regular Instagram Stories, you’ll also be able to emoji react and reply to a story. Signal will notify you if someone responds or reacts to your Story.

You can add text and website links to your Stories too. Signal will also show you how many people have viewed your Story.

For privacy too, you can hide your Story from specific people.

Signal will allow users to disable the Story feature completely too.

Teardown of the Signal APK done by XDA revealed that the Story feature is close to going live and may roll out very soon – first to the beta users and then the rest of the other users.

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