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Threshold: rumoured update to bring deep integration between Microsoft’s Windows based platforms

There have been various rumours about Windows Phone 8.1 being the next major update to Microsoft's mobile platform and will follow in the footsteps...
Mark Chaban, Microsoft Education Lead, Middle East and Africa

Student Advantage: One of the many compelling reasons Universities will take up Office 365

In today's world things are evolving faster than we can process them. Education too is evolving and the more we catch up with relevant...

Microsoft Partners with KECOBO to Fight Piracy in the Country

In a bid to enforce the use of genuine software in the country, the Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) has formed a partnership with Microsoft...

Xbox One or PS4? That is the question, over 1 million sales in their opening 24 hours reflect varied...

Of course you are privy to news that Microsoft's new hot cake, the Xbox One, sold 1 million in its first 24 hours of...

Petition to AOL to keep Winamp alive or make it open source crosses the 8,000 mark

We've all heard the sad news that Winamp, that media player that rocked our desktops years before the likes of Media Monkey, iTunes, Jet...

Office Remote Transforms Windows Phone into Magic Wand, Lets You Control Office 2013 Documents on Your PC

Microsoft Research has announced the launch of Office Remote for Windows Phone. The app can be downloaded from Windows Phone Store. Office Remote turns...

Nokia Shareholders to Approve Microsoft Deal

Nokia shareholders are today expected to deliberate on the sale of Nokia's mobile business to Microsoft. The deal is expected to be approved by...

Office Mobile for Android now available in East Africa

Remember  a few months ago Microsoft introduced its Office suite on Android? At that point in time while it was announced for the whole...

Flipboard comes to Windows 8.1, available on the Windows Store

At Nokia World in Abu Dhabi some tech journalists were allowed to toy around with a preloaded Windows 8.1 Flipboard app and that's when...

Internet Explorer 11 now available for Windows 7

As usual every new version of Windows comes with a new version of Internet Explorer and Internet Explorer is what came with Windows latest...

Microsoft Santiago Bernabeu – Microsoft in talks with Real Madrid over $10 million stadium naming rights

Technology giant Microsoft seeks to join the likes of Middle East business enterprises like Etihad Airways and Emirates Airways in having a top European...

Move over Apple, you got nothing on Microsoft’s Office

The last few days have been particularly interesting as we have seen three tablets fly up in the eyes of the public demanding all...

Windows 8.1 released, brings back the start button

Microsoft has been busy pushing its new look Windows platform ever since Windows 8 was demoed at CES back in 2011. With a public...

Windows 8.1 Receives ‘GA Rollup A’ Update Pre-release

Windows 8.1 will be coming as an update to all current Windows 8 users starting October 17th. It seems that the RTM version of...

Office for iPad coming soon – Microsoft

In June this year Microsoft released Office for iPhone users. The following month, July, Microsoft released Office for Android too. While Office on both...

Microsoft also Approached Samsung and Huawei for Windows Phone Dual Booting on their Android Devices

If last week’s news that Microsoft has been holding secret talks with troubled Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC to dual boot its Windows Phone mobile...
HTC 8x

Microsoft wants HTC to Dual-boot Windows Phone and Android on its Devices

There is nothing wrong with looking across the fence and being overly ambitious but I think someone is really determined. Microsoft has been in...

Unified App Store for Windows and Windows Phone Maybe on the way

It is what happens on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Apps for all devices (tablets and smartphones) are available on the same...
Nokia Asha 210

Nokia’s Sirius Tablet May Never See Light of Day After All

Some of us are still reeling from the shock that was news that Nokia’s handset business had been acquired by Microsoft. Still we are...

Growth: Windows Phone Grosses 9 Million Transactions Daily

Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is the de facto third force as far as mobile platforms go and is continuing to show more and more...

Microsoft Surface Tablet Version 2 Coming on 23rd September

Chelsea (not the football team you know), New York is the confirmed venue for the unveiling of Microsoft’s latest attempt at the tablet market....

Microsoft acquires Nokia; Good or Bad?

The Facts: Nokia was acquired for staggering €5.44bn (£4.6bn) By 2012, it was the world's second-largest mobile phone maker in terms of unit sales. Nokia has...
Microsoft headquarters

Microsoft under investigations over bribing government officials for software contracts

Investigations that were initiated in China and Italy  over bribery allegations on Microsoft Officials in the two countries have now spread out to include...
Microsoft skydrive

Microsoft won’t own the name SkyDrive for long, after infringing on Trademark

Microsoft wont be using the name SkyDrive to trade with for their cloud product. This is after a UK court ruled that the Redmond...
Microsoft Office Android

Microsoft Office Mobile hits Android Store

So Microsoft Mobile on Android was on the way even after we cursed over its availability only on Windows and iOS. Well, it's finally...

Microsoft Initiates Bug Bounty Program for Windows 8.1 and IE 11

Microsoft will be awarding bounties to researchers who can find security vulnerabilities in their Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11 products. The bounty program...
Louis Otieno, Microsoft

TV Whitespaces Internet Projects serve different needs in different markets

TV White spaces has for some time been a conversation in many countries as the switch to digital TV migration from Analogue Transmission takes...
Tony Ndungu Kytabu

Kytabu seeks Kshs 7 million to lease text books on low cost Tablets

Kytabu is a software that delivers learning content from digital text books to Kenyan students. The content is moderated by Kenya Publishers Association and...
Office 365 for iPhone

Eons later, Office 365 is available for the iPhone

  Looks like Apple finally pulled the right strings or Microsoft saw the light, or both. It will no-longer suck to own an iPhone from...
Surface Touch Cover

Microsoft is giving away touch and type covers to Surface RT buyers

Beginning last Friday, Microsoft is giving away free Touch and Type covers to consumers in the US, Canada and Western European. These will get...
Youtube Logo

Microsoft and Google to create Youtube App with Windows Phone app ads

Remember the feud between Google and Microsoft over the YouTube app that Microsoft build and pushed into Windows phone? Well Google fussed, including asking Microsoft to...
Windows 8

Windows 8 update Windows Blue to be named Windows 8.1, a free update

The power of a start button.... Microsoft has confirmed that you will be seeing the start button again on their newest desktop OS, Windows 8....

SkyDrive Hits 250M Users, Google Expands Drive Storage to 15GB In Reactionary Move

Just days after Microsoft announced that its cloud storage offering, SkyDrive has hit the 250 million users mark, there’s some quick reaction from Mountain...

Microsoft Set to Unveil Pilot TV White Spaces Project in Tanzania

Microsoft will be collaborating with the Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) and UhuruOne, a Tanzanian ISP to provide affordable wireless broadband access...

Microsoft admits to Windows 8 UX fail, promises changes soon

It's Windows Vista all over again. Microsoft through their Head of marketing and Finance Tami Reller is said to have admitted that Windows 8...