Here’s Why You’re Seeing More Promoted Tweets on Your Timeline


TwitterYep. It’s not just you. Twitter has increased the frequency of how it is showing promoted tweets lately. According to a Twitter spokesperson, the social media platform is experimenting with ad load. What this means is that Twitter is experimenting with changing the frequency users see advertisements and this is why you’ve been seeing a lot of ads in your Twitter timeline.

Well, they haven’t been subtle about it as users noticed.

Some users are now blocking the account holders of the promoted tweets.

Twitter works even harder

“We are always running experiments with our ad experience, including with the various aspects of ad frequency and targeting,” Twitter confirmed said in a statement. The social media company, however, declined to say how big the experiment is.

Worth noting is that some prominent users on the platform still have access to an ad-free Twitter that the company introduced three years ago by shutting of ads to keep them engaged.

This new experiment might be Twitter’s way of increasing revenues with its shrinking user base.

Well, another thing also happened with these promoted tweets as they started getting out of hand with users getting promoted tweets that include links to fake news articles or are straight up spammy.

Twitter should have figured a smart way to do these ads

If Twitter continues on this path, it is going to alienate and further push the few users it’s already struggling to monetize.