The Decade in Internet Culture: Memes That Defined the Last 10 Years


We’re about to end this decade and it has been a wild ride especially for internet culture and here’s a compilation of the best memes from the past 10 years that trended from Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit or Instagram.


Kabosu Memes

The dog in the above image, of the Shiba-Inu breed, starts this compilation. It was a rescue dog named Kabosu belonging to Japanese kindergarten teacher Atsuko Sato. She had been posting photos of her dog but one went viral where the dog is sitting on a couch, giving a particularly side-eyed, eyebrows-raised glance.

This led to the spread of Doge memes such as this Hipster edition. 

Doge was an actual good internet meme.

Kabosu is alive plus the memes. thanks to PewDiePie. Shibe even inspired a blockchain currency

Bed Intruder Video

Miracles Music Video

First-World Problems/White Whine memes

First-world problems memes reigned in 2010 that depicted privilege even becoming a heated debate.


Rap Battle – AKA Super Fire

Darkest Timeline

DonalGlover’s reaction


Gangnam Style

Bad Luck Brian

Bad luck brian was image macro meme of Brian, a teen whop took a goofy class photo while in his braces-filled grin in an ugly plaid vest.

He later had to retake that class photo

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Texts from Hillary

Hillary Clinton was photographed waiting for a flight to Libya on her Blackberry and memes flooded in.

Annoyed Picard

Annoyed Picard from AdviceAnimals

How Do You Do, Fellow Kids

This is a memorable moment from 30 Rock where Lenny Wosniak(Steve Buscemi) is a private detective hired by Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) to act as a strike buster.

We’re shown Wosniak going undercover as a high school student in a past investigation.

Crying Jordan

Jordan crying was from 2009 when he was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame but the meme went viral in 2012.

Grumpy Cat

One of my old Grumpy Cat memes from GrumpyCat

She passed away early this year

Potato Jesus

An old church in Spain needed to restore a worn out painting. They hired the wrong person. from pics

McKayla Is Not Impressed

This olympian reaction led to memes, even a dedicated Tumblr page.


Side-eying Chloe

Harlem Shake

This is fine

Accurate representation of me dealing with university stress from funny

Wrecking Ball

Gatsby Toast


Alex from Target

Kim K cover

But That’s None of My Business

Shredded cheese

Found out today at work that eating shredded cheese makes you a weirdo. from AdviceAnimals


Miley, What’s good?

Adele Hello

Netflix and Chill


Left Shark

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Chrissy Teigen’s Cry Face

Pizza Rat

Why you always lying

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Hotline Bling

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meme solo apto para gatos

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The Dress

What color is the dress? Why do some people see blue and black and some people see gold and white when looking at a single image of a dress? from askscience


Confused Math Lady

Arthur’s fist meme

Roll Safe

Brother, May I Have Some Oats

Roses are red


Blurry Mr Krabs

Evil Kermit

Damn Daniel

Freeze Frame

Boaty McBoatface


Floor is lava

Sly Duck

First of all

Distracted Boyfriend

Salt bae

Condescending/Mocking SpongeBob

Galaxy Brain

WHOMST’D from dankmemes

Blinking White Guy

Spider-Man Pointing at Spider-Man

Meryl Streep Shouting Lyrics


Tide pod

Yodel Kid

Moth lamp

Government Agent

Squinting woman

Is This a Pigeon?

Who Killed Hannibal?

Goddamn street rat from IASIP

The Truth is a Fickle Mistress from PoliticalHumor

Why would he do this? from memes

For King and Country from HistoryMemes

No one knows why… from freefolk

American Chopper Argument

Avengers: Infinity War memes

Captain America ‘So, You Got Detention’


A Star Is Born

Momo Challenge

. from creepy



What do you guys hear ? from blackmagicfuckery

Change My Mind

Surprised Pikachu

Epic Handshake

"Put your hands up" from funny


OK Boomer

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Let’s get it trending #okboomer

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Baby Yoda

Sad Keanu

The Bottle Cap Challenge


The Instant Ramen fix

The Egg

The most liked photo showed people like weird things

Powerful Shaggy

Shaggy’s power can not be measured. from BadAssShaggy

Choking Sasuke

Does this spark joy?

“If we Naruto run, we can get past their bullets.”

Fish Tube

Salad cat

There’s a storm comin from Mavericks

It do be relaxing af from dankmemes

Lunch Table Memes

Sorry to This Man

Wife Guy

Meryl Streep Scream

You Were at My Wedding Denise

The Bird Box Challenge

Marie Kondo

Nancy Pelosi Clap

Adam Levine’s Super Bowl Shirt

Some of y’all…and it shows

Stark Family

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The pack survived

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Jonathan Frakes asking questions

Someone Like You

Tim Cook

Flight Attendant: Is There a Doctor Onboard? Memes

New Facebook Logo

Apple’s New AirPods Pro

Christian Girl Autumn

Me Explaining Memes

Kit Harrington

Game of Thrones Season 8 memes

 Episode 1, Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4 and Episode 5, Episode 6, and all related coverage.

Sacred to moan

NO… has all five

I’m baby


Flat stomach

Disappointed parents

Let me in

Due to personal reasons

Act my age

How many times


Me on Ellen


I took a DNA test

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