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Antivirus Company Shuts Down Subsidiary After Being Caught Harvesting Users Data

People download antivirus software mostly for one thing: To protect their precious computers from malware. Some of these antivirus softwares are free and others...

GDPR Laws Drive Twitter to Switch Non-EU Users Across the Pond to California

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) by the European Union(EU) came into effect last year and Twitter is now planning to move its non-EU and non-U.S...

FTC Cautions Facebook, WhatsApp on User Privacy

WhatsApp's main pull to IM users has been the promise of privacy. Ahead of the close of its deal with Facebook, both companies have...

AvePoint and IAPP partner to offer free Privacy Imact Assessment to organizations

As the internet continues to play a large part in the day to day life, more personal data is shared online. This has driven...