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Mark Zuckerberg

Hi Everyone, My Name Is Mark Zuckerberg and Welcome to My Podcast

Hi, my name is Mark Zuckerberg and welcome to my podcast. Please subscribe, like, share and comment...
Mark Zuckerberg

Clicked: Facebook, Instagram Privacy Mishap, Apple Settles with Qualcomm as Intel Exits 5G Modem Business

It has been a rollercoaster this past week in terms of what tech giants have been up to and Clicked is here to break...
facebook adding chats back to main app

Facebook is Considering Bringing Back Messenger Chats to Main App

You may remember that Facebook spurned off Messenger way back in 2011 where it was originally called Facebook Chat. They released standalone apps for Android and...
Kebaso Mokogi

How Telkom Kenya Leverages Caching and Peering to Boost Mobile Data Speeds

Telkom is planning to deploy higher capacity undersea cables that will see substantial improvement on its network, with the first phase of the project...

Facebook Bids Farewell to Its Apps for Windows Phone

Facebook will pull its apps for the Windows phone platform come end month. The apps going away include the Facebook app, Instagram and Messenger...
uhuru kenyatta

President Kenyatta’s Social Media Pages Vanish, Government Issues a Clarification

President Uhuru Kenyatta's Twitter account and Facebook page have vanished from the social media realm. This happened minutes after the Kenyan President tweeted about corruption,...

Facebook Stored Passwords of Millions of Users in Plain Text For Years

Millions of Facebook users had their passwords stored in plain text and were searchable by Facebook employees, as Krebs on Security reports. Apparently from Facebook's...
Basement App for iOS

Basement Is a New Social Media Platform Limited to Your Close Friends

Tired of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter? Basement might be another choice to consider if you're migrating from these giant social media platforms. With the majority...

Beyond Passwords: All You Need to Know

2FA also known as 2-factor authentication fortifies passwords with a second piece of information which involves a one-time passcode being sent at the time...
safaricom free facebook

Facebook Will Share User Info With Safaricom For ‘Free Facebook’

You cannot the refute the fact that Facebook is one of the biggest social networks in Kenya. Millions of Kenyans use the 15 year...

Facebook Exposes Your Phone Number for All. Here’s How to Change That

Facebook continues exploiting users privacy and this one involves your phone number. With increasing privacy breaches, some of us have set up 2-factor authentication...
facebook london accelerator african startups

Facebook to Open First Sub-Saharan Content Review Centre in Nairobi

Facebook has announced that they are opening their first content service in Sub-Saharan Africa. The company in partnership with Samasource, an outsourcing company, will...
Instagram Account Linking

Instagram Begins Prototyping Account Linking. Here’s How That Would Work

Instagram has recently become a refuge for those who are migrating from Facebook especially after all the ways the giant social media has mishandled...

Apple Flexes Muscles on Facebook, Google over Data Privacy. We Should Be Worried

Apple experienced the FaceTime bug early this week and hot on the heels of this discovery, the Cupertino based company was eager and quick...
facebook integrating whatsapp facebook messenger instagram messaging

Facebook Plans to Integrate WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram Messaging

Facebook arguably owns the biggest social media platforms today with each having over a billion users separate from the mother ship. We have seen...

How to Download All Your Photos from Facebook Moments

Facebook Moments, the photo harvesting app that launched in 2015 is shutting down next month on February 25th. The app allowed you to manage...

Liverpool’s Salah Deletes his Social Media Accounts after Posting Mysterious Tweet

Liverpool FC's attacking midfielder, Mohamed Salah has come quite the darling of Liverpool fans on social media thanks to his great performance last season....

Lets Talk About Facebook’s 10 Year Challenge

The Facebook 10 Year challenged has been trending this past week with people sharing photos from what they looked like in 2009 and now....

Facebook is Building a Meme Hub to Connect with Shrinking Teen Demographic

Facebook knows that it is not trendy to kids unlike before and they have to find a way to connect to them. This next...
facebook safety check riverside drive attack

Facebook Activates Safety Check After Riverside Drive Attack

Facebook has opened Safety Check for residents in Nairobi after the horrifying Riverside Drive attack that happened today in the afternoon. Facebook's Safety Check is a feature...

Facebook is Rating and Punishing Advertisers Based on Customer Feedback

Facebook's business plan is simple. Have a free platform where people sign up and in return, they harvest your data that is used as...

Instagram to Let Users Share Posts to Multiple Accounts, Adds Google Photos Shortcut

Instagram iOS app now lets you share posts to multiple accounts in one sitting or at least for some users just like how the...

How to Reduce the Amount of Data Facebook Collects on You

Facebook privacy scandals that rocked 2018 revealed a lot of the data they have on us. This led to some of its users to...

Apple Stumbles, HTC Struggles and Microsoft Thrives

Apple revised its revenue guidance for its fiscal 2019 first quarter. This is the first time they're cutting this since 2002. Apple lowered its...

Facebook Will Still Follow You Even After You’ve Turned off Location History

Facebook's mishandling of user data has made it receive backlash after backlash. It has tried to give users control over what data the giant...
Facebook Clear History

This Facebook Privacy Feature Was Announced in May. It Is yet to Be Launched

This Facebook privacy feature was announced in May during their annual F8 conference. It's now been seven months - what's going on? This privacy...

Facebook’s People You May Know Suggestions Used This Loophole

Facebook’s People You May Know mystery has finally been revealed at least according to the 250 pages’ worth of Facebook documents published by a...

I’m not deleting my Facebook and Instagram accounts. Here’s what I’m doing instead

Facebook and Instagram recently launched their 'Time Well Spent' features that let users know how much time they've spent on the apps. I decided...

Apple Is Still the Most Valuable Company, Microsoft Comes Second

Late last week, it was reported that Microsoft had dethroned Apple to become the most valuable US company. It was just for a brief...

Is It Worth It Knowing How Much Time You’ve Spent on Facebook, Instagram?

Early this August, social media giant Facebook released tools that let you measure how much time you spend on Facebook and Instagram. The features...
Facebook App

Why Facebook App Updates Don’t Have a Changelog

Those with a keen eye have noticed that Facebook does not include any changelog to the numerous updates they push. This has been a...

Facebook’s Creepy Patent Suggests Friends By Wirelessly Sensing Phones

Companies usually file patents all the time and they can be very interesting when you dive into the details. Facebook is not new to...

Facebook’s Earnings Call Reveals Stunted User Growth, Shifts Focus to Stories

According to Facebook’s earnings call this past week, the social network reported less revenue and even fewer new users. Its audience actually shrunk in...
IMB Headquarters

IBM to Acquire Red Hat, Tim Cook Calls out Tech Giants and Google to Offer Users More Privacy Controls

IBM is set to acquire Red Hat for $34 Billion in its big leap into hybrid cloud.

3D Memes are the Future thanks to Facebook’s 3D Photos

Memes are a popular form of content that we see on social networking sites and they come in various forms: videos, photos, GIFs and...