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Stephen Elop AMA

Elop Hints At Dropping Nokia Name For Lumia Windows Phone

Still on the AMA (Ask Me Anything), Stephen Elop answered quite a number of questions and one of them naturally was about the Nokia...
Nokia 2014 device portfolio

What Other Devices Can We Expect From Nokia In 2014?

At the announcement filled Microsoft Build 2014 conference, Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop launched the Nokia Lumia 630 (in both single and dual SIM variants),...

Nokia Lumia Black update rolling out

Nokia is currently rolling out the Black update to a number of its smartphones (the Lumia 1020 and the Lumia 925) in certain markets....
Nokia Mali Kwa Mali

Nokia is offering mobile phone trade-in for Nokia Lumias in Kenya

Nokia has started this promo where anyone in Kenya can trade-in their existing mobile phone and get discounts when making a purchase of a...
Nokia Lumia 720

6 Nokia Devices to be Announced on October 22nd

Invites to the October 22nd "Innovation Reinvented" Nokia event in Abu Dhabi are already in and there is a lot of anticipation for new...

Lumia 2520 could be Nokia’s Sirius Tablet

Popular leakstar @evleaks is at it again. This time round he (yes he) has news about Nokia's long rumoured tablet, Sirius. According to the...

Nokia Lumia 1520 Photos Leak, Again

It’s been rumoured for a while now that Nokia will be releasing a tablet and a phablet any time now in order to compete...

Nokia Investors Get Impatient, Revolt Against CEO

Stephen Elop, Nokia CEO, came under heavy fire on Tuesday when investors expressed their discontent with his attempts at catching up with smartphone leaders,...
nokia catwalk

Aluminium body Nokia Catwalk shows up in leaked photos

Going by this leak, Nokia is trying to get lighter for the flagship device of 2013. Nokia Catwalk, as it's code-named  is expected to be...
Nokia Smart Camera lens

Coming soon! PR2.0 Update on Lumia smartphones, brings Smart Camera Lens

Nokia is allegedly working on an update for the Lumia Line-up to bring in more features on Windows Phone 8 Lumias. The update is...

Lumia 920…a software disaster?

The frequent restarts, How did Nokia get is so wrong? Why can’t Microsoft get more apps in their store? Why isn’t Microsoft cutting in...
Nokia CEO Elop throws iPhone

How to get a free Lumia: Interview Nokia Boss Elop and pop out your iPhone

Nokia CEO during an interview must have been so pissed by the journalist who kept pestering him on whether the rumoured Lumia 928 was...
Windows phone 7.8 update

Nokia: Windows phone 7.8 update paused

Missing the update on your Windows phone 7.5 smartphone to move over to Windows phone 7.8? Here's why. Microsoft as suspended the software updates...
Lumia 720 photo

Leaked: Photos of Lumia 720 and Lumia 520

So we have known all along that the Lumia 520 and Lumia 720 are coming at Mobile World Congress. These are not the only...
Lumia 920 Kenya

Safaricom to bundle Lumias 920 and 820 with 1.5GB data on purchase

Nokia's Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 devices are now available at Kenya's mobile network provider Safaricom. The devices will be available at Kshs 54,999...
Nokia Xpress

Nokia takes data compression to Windows phone with Nokia Xpress

I am sure every Nokia User of 2012 knows or has heard of Nokia Xpress browser that seeked to compress data and save upto...
Nokia Lumia 920T

China get’s the Lumia Windows 8 nudge with Lumia 920T

China is finally getting their first Lumia officially. In a partnership between Nokia and China Mobile, a mobile company that is largest both in...
Nokia Lumia 510

Nokia intros Windows phone in East Africa, starting with Lumia 510

For those among us who have waited with bated breath for Nokia to finally introduce Windows phone in East Africa, you can now release...
Lumia 510

Nokia goes further down the food chain with Lumia 510 for China

As expected, Nokia is pushing for adoption of Windows phone from all ends, top, mid and low end, which is naturally how best to...

Nokia to unveil to Windows phone 8 devices code-named Phi and Arrow

And the Windows phone 8 devices from Nokia will come in twos, says The Verge. There will be a high end and mid-range devices...