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These LG speakers will play your favourite song when you text them

What was your favourite song in 2014? Be it The Script's Superheroes or Taylor Swift's Shake It Off, you'll surely be listening to something...
LG Windows Phone

LG Could Be Prepping New Windows Phone Smartphone – Report

LG has been on and off with Windows Phone, and rumours have been abound once in a while about the company's dalliance with Microsoft's...

Wine Smart is LG’s Android flip phone because 2005 styling is the new cool

Remember those days when you had flip phones? LG wants to bring them back not in a new way but by building on its...

LG G3 Announced For Kenya, Here’s What You Need To Know

LG announced the G3 sometime back in May in London, UK. The device was first to launch running a QHD display among equals in...

LG is teasing a rounded smartwatch for IFA release

http://youtu.be/1STW7LQXONo So far we've seen just square ones. I'm saying so because the only round smartwatch to launch is not yet available at a retail...

LG to launch G Watch 2 at IFA next month says new report

Looks like as far as learning from Samsung is concerned, LG is learning really fast. From kickass devices this year to joining the smartwatch...

LG accidentally outs G3 Stylus in G3 Beat ad

LG is planning on taking Samsung head on as far as stylus smartphones go. Yes, the Galaxy Note will likely be facing its most...
Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Marketshare Slips By 7% YoY in Q2; China Takes The Gains Home

Samsung is the industry leader in smartphones and mobile phones in general. It's market leadership position is in no threat whatsoever in a very...

LG’s G3 Beat aka G3 s is now official, just a G3 mini with a fancy name

Hot on the heels of Samsung's Galaxy S5 mini unveiling recently, LG is giving the mini phone a chance too. And its not named...

LG’s KizON is a wearable to help parents track their children in real-time

There is no shortage of applications that tie in to your home surveillance camera and smartphone, tablet or work computer so that parents are...

Samsung’s Gear Live and LG’s G Watch are the first Android Wear smartwatches to go on sale

Since Google made public Android Wear back in March, it did not hide the fact that its launch partners like LG and Motorola would...
HTC Twitter jab

It’s a Slow News Day: HTC Throws Jabs at Samsung About Galaxy S5

It's quite sometime since we last saw some sideshows from mobile phone brands on Twitter. When they appear they are always creative and hilarious,...

LG G3 has sold 100,000 units in just 5 days in Korea

With an impressive spec sheet, impeccable design (though still plastic), a reworked minimalistic interface and hype created by the expectations the mobile tech world...

LG G3 is official; packs QHD display and other top specs

With Samsung, Huawei, Sony and HTC having already shown us what they had in store for the year, what else did LG need to...
LG G3 microSD

LG Goes Back To Removable Back Cover For G3, New Image Shows

We are just 3 days away from the LG G3 unveil, atleast we are sure of what device it is and the dates as...

LG Announces QuickCircle Case Ahead Of LG G3 Launch

Just like they did with the G2 cover, LG have gone ahead to announce the G3 LG Quickcircle case (which apparently has already been trademarked)...
LG G3 Teaser

LG G3 Teaser Gives Most Of Design Elements For The Phone

The big boys have already announced their flagship phones for 2014. Samsung, HTC, Sony and Huawei have already launched their devices, Galaxy S5, HTC...
LG Uni8

Seems LG Is Ready To Get Back To Windows Phone, Leaked LG Uni8 Reveals

Sometime earlier in the year, actually the evening just before Mobile World Congress in February, Microsoft announced partners with whom the Redmond company would...
LG G Pad Series

LG Goes Back To Ordinary Tablet Sizes with G Pad 7, 8 and 10.1

LG has decided to go back to conventional tablet sizes with a new announcement. This one takes them to all the standard sized tablets,...

Is this the LG G3? Gold variant follows path of previous leaks

We have seen the upcoming LG G3 rise from being photographed with a case and only showing its unique back to the world to...
lg g3 box

LG G3 To Launch On May 27th in Three Cities

There's that saying about saving the best for last and also having the last laugh. I don't know if I'm right about LG doing...

LG’s G Watch to come in gold colour too

LG has not hidden its plans for a smartwatch and has been clear since the day Google announced Android Wear to the world. The...
Lg Optimus g pro

LG starts rolling out KitKat update for Optimus G Pro

Updates and LG are two words that look peculiar when put in the same sentence. Maybe that is changing. LG has started seeding Android...

The White House exploring LG and Samsung devices for use; could ditch Blackberry

As if its rapidly dwindling fortunes in the last few years have not been enough, Blackberry could be on course to losing one of...

Google smartwatch made by LG reportedly in the works

Google's developer-centric annual meet, I/O is to be held in June and one of the reported devices that will be showcased is a smartwatch....

Lenovo and LG join the Samsung ‘blurry’ photo trolling party

Nokia has already had its fair share of telling the world how its Lumia devices would’ve done so much better if Academy Awards host...

2014 Global Mobile Awards Winners announced: HTC One is the best smartphone

Winners of the annual Global Mobile Awards conducted by the GSM Association have been announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. For...

Google, LG Working on Smartwatch To Be Revealed in June

At the Google I/O conference, the search giant is expected to launch a smartwatch run on Android. Juniper Research projects the wearables market to...

LG makes the G2 mini official, does not follows Sony’s way of making mini phones

LG through LG Netherlands has made official its own purported mini version of the flagship LG G2 and is expected to showcase the device...

LG Expands Knock-ON UX To the L Series II

LG's Knock-ON UX will now be a standard feature on its L Series II devices. The UX turns the whole screen into a power...
LG G Pro 2

LG Announces 5.9 inch LG G Pro 2 Phablet ahead of MWC

LG got impatient about Mobile World Congress happening in ten days time and thought to announce their newest 2014 flagship today. The 5.9 inch...

LG announces new Triple SIM budget droid: Optimus L1 II Tri

LG Brazil just announced a brand new Android device with specs from two years ago. Of course that is not a bad thing seeing...

Alleged images of the LG G Pro 2 surface online

LG had a great 2013 as far as devices go. Though that may no be reflected on the financial gains the company made last...

Gold LG G2 official, new red model launched too

That Gold-coloured LG G2 we were talking about the other day is no longer just another product of the rumourmill, it is now official....

KitKat for LG G2 shown off in video

A while back, LG was said to be rolling out its Android 4.4 KitKat update for its flagship G2 in its home market of...