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twitpic tweetbutton

Twitpic added a tweetbutton

Are you a tweet freak. Love to share alot, and are also a tweep?(Tweep is the twitter vocab definition of a twitter account user)...
twitter follow

How to get followers on twitter without any software

Currently there are so many solutions online on how-to's of twitter. Most of them being how to get zillions of followers, promising instant results....
twitter friend suggestion, twitter, friend suggestion

Twitter introduces friend suggestions

Twitter has from end of july introduced friend suggestions, to make you able to know and follow more friends in your timeline. If you...
twitter fail

Wont twitter find a lasting solution?

If everyone feels the way i do when you are twitting up then you see the fail whale, then people feel so bad. Fail...

Will twitter stay up during the world cup?

Following a recent twitter outage that was presumed by some to have been caused by Dutch elections, there has been speculation as to whether...
twitter down

twitter is down again

Social media giant twitter is down with a message Twitter is over capacity. Too many tweets! Please wait a moment and try again. Guess its time they...