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How The World Responds To Christopher Lee Demise On Social Media

Christopher Lee, the famous British actor who is known for film roles as Saruman the White in Lord of the Rings died on...
Twitter Block list

Twitter Has Now Taken Blocking to a Whole New Level

Twitter yesterday night announced shared block lists, a feature that is designed to help users share block lists on the site. Initially, you had...
Twitter Conversations

Twitter Has Made Conversations Easier To Follow

If you've been a regular Twitter user, there have been times when a certain tweet generates a storm of replies and you can easily...
Social media user

Social media users own an average 5.54 accounts each

 According to a research done by  Global Web Index in 2014, it was found that on average, internet users have 5.54 social media accounts and...
Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner breaks Twitter’s record for the fastest growing account

Caitlyn Jenner (Formerly Bruce Jenner) has broken the Twitter record for the fastest growing Twitter account, where she gained 1 million followers in only...

Live streaming app Periscope finally available on Android

Twitter's live streaming application, Periscope, is finally available on Android. Periscope premiered on iOS and has been a preserve of that platform up until...

Mobile devices key drivers of Twitter video views, account for 90%

Twitter launched its Video service back in January. Back then, we were like, "how does the company plan to balance between Video and Vine?"...

Domino’s to Let Customers Order Pizza via an Emoji on Twitter

It's hard being a consumer-facing business in this day and age of social media. Companies are changing the way they operate in order...

Twitter Now Allows Any Of Your Followers To DM You

Twitter has been rolling out several changes recently. Some of those changes have included group direct messages, shooting and sharing short videos directly from...

Twitter Introduces Promoted Tweets To Profiles Of Users

Twitter is planning to introduce adverts into the profiles of the users. Twitter is bringing promoted tweets to people’s profile meaning when you visit...
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Move Over Meerkat: Twitter Launches Periscope.

In 2007, at SXSW, an app called Twitter launched.  Two years later, Foursquare became the obsession of festival goers. Now it’s Meerkat’s turn. Meerkat is...

Twitter is testing an internal browser in its Android app

Twitter appears to be testing with some users a new feature: an internal browser. It is an unannounced feature that is available to select...
Twitter Bots

Safaricom Acknowledges That Bots “Had Won Prizes” On Online Promotions

This is not strange, it's quite normal considering what's at stake and something that was bound to happen anyway. Individuals using bots on several...

Twitter makes first step in enabling you buy stuff directly from the timeline

There have been various leaks in the past and this has been a long time coming. After initial tests are done, you'll soon be...

Kenya Power Launches Power Alerts Website for Free Automated Power Outage Alerts

If you have lived in Kenya, you will have an idea of the unreliable nature of the electricity distribution by the national company Kenya...

Vine now allows users to upload existing videos on your phone

It's been a long time coming! Vine's mobile applications are receiving an update that will allow users to upload videos that they shot earlier...
Mario Gotze

Your Popular Vine And GIFs of Premier League Goals Will Be Taken Down, Be Warned

Yes you heard that right. FIFA apparently does not like that you enjoy watching football enough to document it with Vines and GIFs. And...
Russia medvedev

Twitter Account For Russian Prime Minister Hacked, Declares He’s Moving To Freelance Photography

Russia Prime Minister Medvedev's Twitter account was hacked Thursday and the infiltrators declared that he had lost interest in the job. The hackers posted...
William Ruto

Kenya Vice President’s Twitter Account Hacked; Reveals Personal Phone Number

Kenya's Deputy President's Twitter account has been compromised by the Anonymous group of hackers. This seems to be a co-ordinated job with a Kenyan...
Malaysia Air AP

A lesson In Punctuation: Associated Press Confuses The World About Malaysia Airlines Flight 17

Punctuation might not seem like something you need to counter check, till you have a huge responsibility by virtue of being at a platform...

Twitter now supports GIFs, sort of

Two years ago, Twitter removed the ability to have an animated GIF as your avatar. Not wholesomely but for those who have never changed...

Here’s how to follow the 2014 FIFA World Cup on Social Media

The World Cup is upon us! Yes, when we simply say World Cup you know which one we mean. Not the Athletics World Cup...

#AmazonCart Brings E-Store Checkout Basket To Twitter

Amazon has recruited the Twitter timeline for product checkout at their online stores. To get in on this, online shoppers just have to reply...

Police Raid House in Connection to Parody Twitter Account

Twitter allows for the creation of parody accounts, but this must be stated clearly in the account bio. Failure to do this can lead...

How Social Networking Sites and Web Browsers would look as Human Characters

Now imagine with me for a second that all the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare et al had a...

Twitter Brings Out Photo-tagging, More Pictures Per Tweet

Photo-tagging can now be found on Twitter, allowing users to tag up to 10 people on the same image. Along with this, users on...
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The First Ever Tweet By Bob Collymore Had a Typo In It

Twitter today launched a tool that enables users find their very first tweet they sent out. This is in celebration of the micro-blogging site's...

12 Inspiring Quotes from World Celebrated Tech Founders

The quote reigning supreme today is "No matter what road you are walking on right now, your dreams are valid." Forget that for a...

Twitter Accidentally Triggers Mass Password Reset

At least 1% of Twitter users were locked out of their accounts yesterday after an unintentional password reset. Some of these users got emails...

Vine finally comes to Windows Phone

Remember the Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi several weeks ago? That was the venue where it was announced that the likes of Vine,...

Twitter goes public, initial IPO reaction is positive

Twitter listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker TWTR with shares opening trading at $45.10 and closing at $44.90. That...

Twitter Rolls Out Alerts, for that Emergency Hour

Here in Kenya we're just from the darkest moment in our nation's history since the 1998 terror attacks. The Westgate terror attack over the...

Twitter for Android Tablet Version App Leaks

Own an Android tablet? Can’t live without your Twitter timeline? If the answer to both questions is in the affirmative then you are in...

Twitter Opens Up Analytics Platform to Public

Twitter's analytics platform has been opened up to the public. It is now possible to access in-depth data on brands and people you follow...

Associated Press Twitter Account Hacked, false report of Explosions at White House

Shock & surprise met the Twitter community as the official Twitter account of the Associated Press was hacked. The reason behind this being, the account...