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Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Might Not Feature a Headphone Jack

We are only a few months away from the reveal of the 10th generation of the iconic Samsung Galaxy Note 10 line and the...
Samsung s10

Samsung Renews Its Android License Deal with Google

As things crumble for Huawei, Samsung is strengthening its relationship with Google following the search giant company canceling Huawei's Android license. The South Korean...
samsung galaxy s10 night mode

Samsung Galaxy S10 Finally Gets ‘Night Mode’ From New Update

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is Samsung's new flagship phone for the year and the company has been updating it steadily. The Galaxy S10 has...
samsung galaxy fold

iFixit Takes Down Galaxy Fold Teardown at Samsung’s Request

iFixit is a company that is known for their Teardowns where they strip away a device down to its various internals for people to see. it...
Galaxy A80

Samsung Galaxy A80 Specifications and Price in Kenya

The A80 is at the top of the new A-series category of phones by Samsung. It ships with Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 series of chipsets...
Galaxy A70

Samsung Galaxy A70 Specification and Price in Kenya

You cannot deny that the A70 is a huge phone at 6.7 inches, but considering the manner modern phones are constructed with minimal bezels,...
Galaxy A50

Samsung Galaxy A50 Specifications and Price in Kenya

Unlike its other siblings in the A series category, the A50 was announced a little earlier back in February 2019. It is a big...
Galaxy A40

Samsung Galaxy A40 Specifications and Price in Kenya

The A40 is a phone for the groups that think the A30 is a little too big for their taste. It retains most of...
Galaxy A30

Samsung Galaxy A30 Specifications and Price in Kenya

The Samsung Galaxy A30 is a member of the new A series from the South Korean mobile phone manufacturer. The device, which is slightly...
samsung galaxy fold display issues

Samsung Galaxy Fold Has Major Display Issues According to Reviewers

Samsung announced a bunch of phones back in February and the star of the show was the Galaxy Fold. This was the glimpse of the future...
S10 5G Dxomark

DxOMark Says This Samsung Phone’s Camera is as Good as the Huawei P30 Pro

It is no doubt that smartphone cameras have become really good in the past decade and now rival dedicated cameras. They have moved on...
Samsung Galaxy A

Opinion: The New A Series is Samsung Bowing to Chinese Phone Makers’ Pressure

By now, mobile phone enthusiasts who follow OEMs and their marketing tactics have noticed that Samsung has a new series of phones that have...
samsung announces galaxy A80

Samsung Announces The Galaxy A80 With a Rotating Triple Camera

Samsung has today revealed their latest A series smartphone, the A80 and it is the mos unique among the line. First is the design. It has a full HD+...
list of samsung smartphones tablets android pie 2019

List of Samsung Smartphones and Tablets that Will Get Android Pie in 2019

Google already announced Android Q recently and it has already been seeded to Pixel phones. Android 9 Pie may seem like old news but it has...
samsung galaxy fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold is a Good First Gen Product That You Should Skip

Samsung revealed their folding phone last year in November to developers and we were waiting to see it in detail of what they were...

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Specifications and Price in Kenya

This is the big boy of the S10 lineup. It packs more battery power, a larger screen and can be maxed out with 12...
Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 Specifications and Price in Kenya

Samsung usually gets all the attention and online buzz whenever it announces high-profile mobile handhelds. The S10, which is sandwiched by the S10e and...
Samsung Galaxy S10e

Samsung Galaxy S10e Price and Specifications in Kenya

Samsung has announced the tenth iteration of its insanely popular Galaxy S line. Launched in June 2009, the original Galaxy S has been refined...
samsung galaxy s10 preorder kenya

Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e Get Preorder Pricing in Kenya

The latest Samsung Galaxy S10 phones have been announced and they look quite stunning. in 2019, Samsung decided to announce three mass market models,...
Samsung Galaxy Tab 5e

Samsung’s New Tablet is the Budget ‘iPad Pro’ for Android

It has been a while since we saw an interesting Android tablet and we can attribute this to the ever increasing screens sizes on...

Refrigerdating Will Help You Find Love Based on the Contents of Your Fridge

Most dating apps take your initial looks as a basis for someone to swipe right or left on your profile. Refrigerdating wants to change...
foldable smartphones to look out for 2019

5 Foldable Phones You Should Look Out For in 2019

2019 is taking shape to be the year where foldable smartphones are gearing to take the limelight. 2017 and 2018 was all about notches...

Your Next Smartphone May Ship with 1TB of Memory Thanks to Samsung

Folks who love offline storage should be happy to learn that Samsung has made an admirable milestone in terms of flash storage technology. The...
Galaxy J4 Core

Samsung Galaxy J4 Core Hits Kenya’s Store Shelves at KES 13,000

Samsung will be selling its Android Go device, the Galaxy J4 Core in Kenya. Priced at KES 12,999, the J4 Core will be competing...

Samsung Teases Galaxy M Devices with Notched Screens and Giant Batteries for Millennials

Samsung has never shied away from experimenting with devices. Some of its Galaxy series of phones have been massively successful, but we cannot ignore...

CES 2019: The Best, Bad and Weird Tech Products

CES 2019 wrapped this past weekend and kicked off product launches that ranged from the wild to the weird tech we expect to see...
Samsung Nigeria

Samsung Nigeria Deletes Twitter Account Following iPhone “Mishap”

It's not easy to be a social media manager, especially for a big household name like Samsung and it's okay to make mistakes once...

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs OPPO Find X: Beauty or Brains?

This is one hot battle. One that some would say, was lost before it started. Preliminary results show that most people would prefer to...

Facebook’s Earnings Call Reveals Stunted User Growth, Shifts Focus to Stories

According to Facebook’s earnings call this past week, the social network reported less revenue and even fewer new users. Its audience actually shrunk in...
Huawei Y9 versus OPPO F9

Huawei Y9 (2019) vs OPPO F9 vs Samsung Galaxy J8 (2018)

Like I said a few days ago, the Huawei Y9 (2019) is easily the best mid-range smartphone we have seen yet. Such a bold...
Samsung Influencer Using an iPhone

Samsung Influencer Sued After She’s Caught Using an iPhone

Russian TV personality and Samsung brand ambassador Ksenia Sobchak has been sued for $1.6 million for being seen with an iPhone.
Samsung Galaxy A9 four cameras

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) Specifications and Price in Kenya

The Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) brings a first into the smartphone world, four cameras on the back. The attention that this phone demanded, had...
Samsung Galaxy A7

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) Specifications and Price in Kenya

Armed with three cameras on the back and beautiful looks, the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) is the first of its kind for the Korean...
Samsung Galaxy A7

Samsung’s First Triple Lens Smartphone Starts Selling in Kenya

The Samsung Galaxy A7 will go down in history as being the company's first ever smartphone with a triple camera setup on the back....
Samsung Galaxy A9

Samsung’s Crazy 5 Camera Smartphone, Galaxy A9, Making its Way to Kenya

Two smartphone trends have really taken off in 2018, notches and cameras. It seems like every manufacturer out there is adding a notch to...