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Facebook Live

Periscope should be worried of Facebook’s latest rollout of Live Video

In the past 6 months, Facebook has been rolling out Live Video to its users in phases. It was launched  to Public Figures that...

Mumbai Police used puns on Twitter in its fight against drugs

India is winning when it comes to using Twitter. Last year, it was estimated that 17% of Twitter users came from the country and...
Twitter icon

Twitter is reportedly not showing ads to prominent users

Most social networks rely on displaying ads for generating revenue and it forms a huge chunk of their cash flow. They usually move from...
Gregg Eliott

Canadian Jailed for Disagreeing with Feminists on Social Media Now Freed

There was a rather interesting case July last year of one Gregory Alan Elliot who was failing jail time because of some comments he...
Donald Trump sex escapades book

A guy tweeted he’ll write a “Donald Trump sex novel” and it was published by Amazon

Elijah Daniel (@aguywithnolife) had an idea yesterday and decided to tweet using the widely popular way to have a monologue on Twitter: By threading...

Facebook launches Sports Stadium that rivals Twitter’s use of hashflags to cover sports

Facebook announced an interesting product that really shows its power thanks to the data we give it: Facebook Sports Stadium. It is one of those...

Twitter rolled out 3 special apps to a handful of celebrities so as to boost Moments

The celebrity status has its perks and one obvious one is the ability to influence a lot of people on social media. This has...
twitter is down error message

Twitter has been down for over an hour and the company has acknowledged it

Service disruptions happen all the time with online based companies and they last for very short periods of time, but in this case, Twitter...

Longer lasting Twitter polls are finally here after users post 1.7 billion votes

Twitter polls is one of the surprising features the company incorporated into its apps in the second half of last year. It started with...

Twitter is being sued for letting ISIS “flourish on the service”

We have seen how ISIS has used social media to propagate their heinous agenda to the masses. The terror organization has become a headache...

Periscope broadcasts will now play within tweets

Periscope, a live broadcast service came into direct competition with Meerkat in a revitalized segment and that is why Twitter bought it early last...

Retweets are indeed endorsements, KBC journalist grilled for retweeting a post

  Social media has become the place to look for jobs and also it could be your downfall as shown by the popular Justine Sacco...

Twitter’s CEO subtly hints the likelihood of longer tweets

Yesterday, a report suggested that Twitter was considering to increase the character limit for tweets from the idiosyncratic 140 character limit to a whopping...

Report suggests Twitter is considering widening 140 character limit to 10,000

Twitter is in a bit of a precarious situation in its critical age as one of the top social networking sites. Back in August,...

Twitter was apparently granted a patent for a drone for taking selfies

We've seen the increased use of drones by hobbyists all over the world and it has seen drone making companies like DJI or Parrot...

Jimmy Gait’s “Hello” Cover Causes Social Media Uproar

Adele's Hello has been a smash hit all over the world and as expected, other musicians have released several covers to the song. Our...

Steve Harvey crowns the wrong Miss Universe, Twitter goes mad

I had no clue the annual Miss Universe pageant was being held today and the event went viral thanks to a gaffe by Steve...
Uhuru Kenyatta

What are the Moments of 2015, Through the Kenyans on Twitter lens?

1. #UhuruInKenya - Kenyans gave President Uhuru a piece of their mind for the fact that he seems to be more out of the...
social media monitoring and censorship

Bangladesh has blocked Twitter, Skype and others just after unblocking Facebook

You may be inclined to think that since social media has allowed  for faster global information transfer and experiencing new cultures but some governments...
Twitter warns its users of govt sponsored attacks

Twitter has warned some users of “government sponsored attacks”

In this age of social media usage, it has given the masses a voice to air out their opinions and some of these opinions...

The most widely used emoji on Twitter for 2015 is not a surprise at all

Emojis have become part of pop culture and each year, they are added to the repository by the Unicode consortium. We have seen press...

Twitter for Web will now display photos in their full glory

Posting photos on Twitter was not a mundane thing as we are accustomed today. Twitter did not have its own photo hosting site and...

Kenyan Social Media Users React to President Kenyatta’s Frequent Travels

The president has made quite a number of trips over the last two years and the recent 3 country tour led Kenyans on Twitter...

Twitter polls with more options have been rolled out but there is still a problem

Twitter rolled out the polling feature to all users over a month ago after being spotted being used by a small group of users...
Anonymous guy fawkes

Twitter says that the ISIS Twitter accounts lists by Anonymous are “wildly inaccurate”

The terror group, ISIS has been known to use various social media platforms actively and that is why Anonymous, the widely known hacktivist group...

Twitter is testing more poll options with longer timelines

Naturally people wanted to conduct polls on Twitter. It started with retweet for this or favourite for this. This gave Twitter an idea, why...
Anonymous declare war on ISIS

Anonymous has taken down over 5500 ISIS Twitter accounts since yesterday

ISIS, the terror group was responsible for the recent Paris attacks and the act was condemned by people and governments worldwide. They are known...

Twitter seems to be testing reaction emojis embedded on the Like button

Early this month, Twitter announced that they have replaced the star button, also known as favourite (or fav in short) with a heart button...

Twitter’s Scratch Reels are just cool GIFs

The humble GIF has been with us for the last 28 years and was made cool later on by Tumblr and sites like Giphy....
Make In India Twitter hashflag

India now has its own custom Twitter hashtag

For a while now, Twitter has been using custom hashtags which they term them as hashflags that are used for specific events. We have...
How to replace Twitter's heart button with a star one

Here is how you can restore Twitter’s “Star” icon for your favourites

Yesterday, Twitter announced changes to its favourite button which was meant with a lot of criticism by users from around the world. The new changes...
Twitter replaces the star favourite button with a heart one

Say goodbye to the “star” favourite button, Twitter has replaced it with a heart button

Twitter has made quite dramatic changes to its user experience this year and today they have made another one by replacing the classic star...
Twitter and Vine will be more connected than ever

Your Twitter and Vine Account will be more Connected than ever

Twitter bought Vine 3 years ago and the unique thing about it is the way people shared very short (6 seconds) video in the...
Twitter Moments

Twitter currently Rolling out Advertisements on Moments

In July, it was reported that Twitter is launching a curated news service that was previously named as Project Lightning . Periscope’s CEO, Kayvon Beykpour leaked...
Leon twitter game

This Guy made a Twitter’s Version of a Scavenger Hunt

People tend to find creative ways of using social networking sites rather than the normal chatting and sharing posts. On Twitter to be specific,...